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Podcast: Untangling Charges Of Collusion, Treason, And Leaking Sources

Reporter Lachlan Markay of the Daily Beast talks emails, Russian collusion, and media bias on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.


Lachlan Markay, White House reporter for The Daily Beast, joins The Federalist Radio Hour to break down this week’s news surrounding Donald Trump Jr., the investigations into collusion with Russia, and White House leaks.

“The collusion question has now split into two different questions,” he said. “One is did they collude in general, and then two is did they collude on the blatantly criminal acts of hacking the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign.”

Later in the hour, Markay and Domenech discuss the nuances of center-right views at left-leaning publications. “I think as long as you realize that a certain outlet is coming at a question from a certain perspective, I don’t think internally there need to be alternate perspectives, as long as people are able to get alternate perspectives elsewhere, Markay said.

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