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George Will On Russian Collusion, Health Care, Twitter, And Baseball

Political commentator and baseball guru, George Will, joins The Federalist Radio Hour.


George Will is a columnist at the Washington Post, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and conservative commentator. He joins Ben Domenech on Federalist Radio where they discuss why today’s pundit are not knowledgeable, Twitter, reading, and baseball.

When is comes to health care ‘repeal and replace’ efforts, Republicans are not governing like a serious party, Will said. “We’re fighting over health care because only relatively recently in the human story has health care been worth fighting over,” he said.

Will shares what he sees in the MLB right now and baseball history. “Baseball is a game of episodes and not flow. Hockey is flows. Football is flows,” he said. “Baseball is episodes…. that’s how baseball produces this enormous, ever-thickening sediment of numbers that is the basis of the analytics.”

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