Watch 20 GIFs Of CNN Getting Bodyslammed

Watch 20 GIFs Of CNN Getting Bodyslammed

CNN recently blackmailed the creator of a now-infamous GIF of Trump smashing a CNN logo, wrestling-style. Twitter took it upon itself to create and share more of those GIFs. Here are the top 20.

1. Don’t mess with Trump.

2. Trump has lethal moves.

3. This Trump smash is just too good.

4. CNN wounded more than just its pride.

5. This one speaks for itself.

6. So simple, yet so good.

7.  An apocalypse, indeed.

8. Now that’s how you smash #fakenews.

9. CNN got tackled by Twitter.

10. Crushed…

11. …And bodychecked!


13. Twitter delivered some swift justice.

14. Better late than never.

15. Right into the swamp.

16. Splash!

17. CNN got absolutely wrecked.

18. You’re a wizard, Trump.

19. Some Twitter users threw down the gauntlet to CNN.

20. One of those times, indeed.

Jordyn is an intern and a rising junior at Hillsdale College. You can follow her on Twitter @jordynpair.
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