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CNN Falsely Claims Merkel Chose G20 Location To Hurt Trump

The G20 site was selected more than a year ago, when all bets had Hillary Clinton winning the presidential election.


CNN’s international diplomatic editor Nic Robertson told viewers Wednesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is holding the G20 summit in Hamburg instead of a more remote location to humiliate Trump. However, the G20 site was selected more than a year ago, when all bets had Hillary Clinton winning the presidential election.

On June 10, 2016, the Associated Press reported:

BERLIN (AP) — The German government says it will host a summit of the Group of 20 major world economic powers in Hamburg on July 7 and 8 next year.

The government said Friday that the meeting will likely be held at the northern port city’s congress center. The venue contrasts with the remote hotel in the Bavarian Alps where Germany hosted last year’s Group of Seven summit, but the government says it “fulfills all the logistical and security demands.”

But Robertson said, “The essence of the idea here is, not forgetting Angela Merkel is in a reelection campaign this year, the protesters will be able to get close so that, in part, President Trump can hear the voices of dissent here in Germany, here in Europe.”

Further, Robertson oddly claimed that the protesters of the G20 summit would be supportive of Merkel’s pro-globalization stance:

“Angela Merkel was quoted in a popular weekly political paper here saying that ‘The United States sees globalization differently to how we do. We see a win win situation,’ she said. ‘The United States see winners and losers where only some profit in globalization.’

So the stakes have been set pretty high there and the people of Germany and others will be able to give voice and vent their frustrations and feelings that perhaps the German chancellor is too polite to say in the terms that they will.”

Perhaps Robertson is unaware that the G20 protesters are anticapitalists who are not supportive of globalization.

The Telegraph reported on Tuesday, “Thousands of violent anti-Capitalist protestors are planning to disrupt this week’s G20 summit in Hamburg, the German interior minister warned on Tuesday.”

Reuters wrote, “‘Welcome to Hell’. That’s the greeting for U.S. President Donald Trump and other world leaders from anti-capitalist protesters in Hamburg who aim to disrupt the G20 summit, already rife with tensions over trade and climate change.”

You can watch the segment here: