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Progressive Media Personalities Agree: Those Republicans Deserved To Get Shot


A shooter targeted Republican lawmakers playing baseball on Wednesday, and several progressive media personalities declared the Republicans deserved it.


A shooter opened fire on Congressional Republicans practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game at a baseball park in Alexandria, Virginia, Wednesday morning, injuring lawmakers, staff, and law enforcement. It is unclear at this time whether the shooter was killed or is currently in police custody.

In the wake of the shooting, lots of people on the Internet lost their minds. Several progressives even went out of their way to suggest the victims deserved to get shot because they have the wrong views on gun control, or Obamacare, or Donald Trump. Here are some of the most insane reactions to the Congressional baseball shoooting so far.

This guy writes for Huffington Post. He previously published an article saying that Trump opponents were morally justified in wanting to commit violence against him:

His main beef with Wednesday’s shooting is that it was poorly organized:

Newsweek seemed to think the most important fact about the shooting is that one of the victims supported Donald Trump:

Malcolm Harris quipped that it might be self-defense because Republicans have opposed Obamacare:


Media personality Tariq Nasheed implied that Scalise deserved to be shot:


The Atlantic‘s David Frum tweeted out a bunch of lies about Virginia’s gun laws (both state and federal law require background checks in Virginia, long guns can’t be concealed, and there’s no evidence as of yet that the shooter even had a valid concealed carry permit):

MSNBC reacted to the shooting by demanding gun control.

“We have very loose gun laws around rifles, semiautomatic rifles, whatever it might be,” Clint Watts said.

HuffPost contributor Charles Clymer went on quite the rant about gun control:


Gun control activist Shannon Watts wasted no time in politicizing the tragedy:

Virginia Gov. Terry McAulliffe made a very interesting statement about gun violence, initially claiming that 93 million people a day lose their lives to gun violence in America:

This person says people who oppose gun control, not the progressive activist who tried to murder a bunch of Republican congressmen, are responsible for Wednesday’s shooting:

She sounds sane:

This guy founded DailyKos and Vox Media: