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Podcast: Manchester, Trump’s International Trip, And Foreign Reporting

Politico’s Susan Glasser joins Federalist Radio to talk Russia, Putin, and how foreign correspondence has changed within the media landscape.


On this episode of Federalist Radio, Susan Glasser, chief international affairs columnist at Politico, discusses both her own recent trip to Manchester last week, as well as President Trump’s recent international trip. Glasser, who was formerly a Washington Post Bureau Chief in Moscow, shares insights on Putin and U.S.-Russia relations.

Glasser and Domenech discuss how American foreign reporting and correspondence has decreased. “It’s a very frustrating moment. You have more access to information and insight and news than ever before, on one hand. On the other hand, [publications] are still chasing scale and they have a lot of people who aren’t on the ground doing reporting,” Glasser said.

Listen here: