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Obama Donor Judge Threatens Pro-Life Journalists With Contempt Charges For Releasing Video

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A judge is threatening David Daleiden with contempt charges after his organization released footage of Planned Parenthood employees admitting abortion involves killing a baby.


A federal judge who donated nearly a quarter of a million dollars to President Obama’s campaign has threatened to hold undercover reporter and pro-life activist David Daleiden in contempt of court after his organization released video footage of Planned Parenthood employees admitting that abortion involves killing a baby.

In the video released Thursday, Planned Parenthood Michigan Medical Director Dr. Lisa Harris says that pro-abortion activists know abortion is violent and kills babies, but that shouldn’t stop them.

“Given that we might actually both agree that there’s violence in here, ask me why I come to work everyday,” she said in the footage from the National Abortion Federation’s 2014 and 2015 conventions. “Let’s just give them all the violence, it’s a person, it’s killing — let’s just give them all that.”

YouTube yanked the video from its site hours after it was posted, citing a violation of the site’s terms of service.

News later broke that in response U.S. District Judge William Orrick ordered Daleiden to appear in court June 14, where the judge will consider levying contempt of court charges against him. Orrick is the same judge who granted the abortion groups a preliminary injunction against CMP, prohibiting them from releasing undercover footage in February 2016. In July 2015, just hours after NAF filed the request, Orrick also granted a temporary restraining order against CMP releasing any more footage.

Orrick, whom Obama nominated to his position, also donated at least $200,000 to the 44th president’s campaign and more than $30,000 to committees that supported him, Mollie Hemingway has reported.

Because Daleiden and his colleague Sandra Merritt are facing 14 felony charges in California for recording “confidential communications,” in a statement provided to National Review their attorneys said the footage has been entered into public legal records due to the court proceedings and is therefore public information

Attorney General Xavier Becerra has entered this footage into the public record by filing a public criminal proceeding based on it. The preliminary injunction obtained by NAF in a federal civil suit cannot bind this State criminal proceeding. (In fact, the SF Superior Court is now releasing certified copies of the court filings to the public with the links to the videos.)

You can see the full video here.