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Watch These Talking Heads Predict A ‘Landslide’ Clinton Victory

‘Hillary Clinton today is more likely to win in a landslide. . . than Trump is to win at all.’


Throughout the election cycle, the media consistently predicted that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in the race for the White House by a “landslide.”

Their predictions were completely off, because Trump just won the election and will become the 45th president of the United States.

“Hillary Clinton today is more likely to win in a landslide that would not only have an impact on this race but realign the country politically to some extent, then Trump is to win at all.” Mark Halperin, of Bloomberg politics said.

“This could be tight, or it could be a landslide for Hillary,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said.

“If this collapse of support among women. . . spreads among women voters across the country, he’s going to lose by a landslide and they could lose the senate and the house,” GOP speechwriter David Gergen predicted.

The media had been telling everyone Clinton would win by a a huge margin, thus Trump’s victory stunned the world and effectively knocked the media off their high horses.

Video by Grabien.