Payton: Blame ObamaCare If Democrats Can’t Win The Senate

Payton: Blame ObamaCare If Democrats Can’t Win The Senate

Federalist staff writer Bre Payton joined Fox News’ Sandra Smith on Wednesday to discuss the political consequences of ObamaCare.

By Election Day, insurance companies in eight states with key elections that will ultimately determine which party holds a majority in the Senate are expected to pull out of the marketplace — leaving ObamaCare enrollees with fewer options. Consequently, the price of health care will likely increase due to the shrinking competition among insurers. This could drive voters to vote in favor of Republican candidates who oppose ObamaCare, Payton said.

“The overall healthcare marketplace has become increasingly unstable since 2009 because of (Obamacare),” she said. “My dad, who owns a small manufacturing company, every single year he has to renew the health insurance policies for his employees. The conversation with his insurance broker goes like this: ‘You know I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to stay in business next year and be able to offer healthcare premiums to you. Your employees may have to enter the exchange.’ This is one anecdotal story in an overall bleak picture for Americans, particularly in regards to health care.”

“Certainly on Election Day in those states, where this is becoming an issue — where insurers are pulling out of the marketplace and not offering health insurance to their customers — I think we will see some backlash in the polls on Election Day,” she said.

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