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Hillary Clinton Is A Big Fat Hypocrite On Women’s Rights


American women have so many reasons to be grateful today. We live in one of the few countries in the world that esteems the role of women in society and protects their freedom to do things like run for president. Hillary Clinton’s nomination as candidate for the presidency was a cause for many to celebrate all of these freedoms, and to celebrate the accomplishments of feminism.

As a woman, I have a high opinion of women. So high, in fact, that I don’t even think becoming president is the greatest thing a woman can do. We’re capable of a lot more; we’re capable of shocking, wonderful things—things I would even call miraculous, in the truest sense. No man can bring a new human life into the world like a woman can!

That’s why I was so disgusted when Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards got up on that platform and had the nerve to talk about women at the Democratic National Convention. This woman, along with Hillary Clinton herself, has been one of the prime instigators of a practice that is singularly degrading to women. I can’t believe the Dems actually did that. They actually let Richards get up there and represent their party after the scandalous discovery last year that Planned Parenthood sells dead baby parts. Do they think we’ve already forgotten that was a thing?

Dead Women Can’t Vote

For the past few days we’ve gotten to hear all about the great things Hillary has done for women’s equality, but there has been a giant elephant in the room the whole time: millions of unborn women are systematically excluded from Hillary’s crusade. Millions of unborn women didn’t get to celebrate her nomination. Millions of unborn women never had a chance at life, much less a chance at equality.

What Hillary means by “women’s rights” is inextricably linked to the practice of abortion. This glaring fact cast an eerie shadow over the whole convention since Hillary’s nomination was announced. As Democrats trumpet everything Hillary has done for women over and over and over, I can’t help but think: but abortion hurts women! And I don’t mean that in the way you probably think.

Yes, it’s a well-documented fact that abortion causes tremendous emotional, physical, and psychological damage to women. One study showed women in California who have abortions are 160 percent more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment than women who give birth to live babies. We’ve seen that abortions can be performed in the filthiest conditions, placing women at risk for all kinds of complications and disease. These are huge reasons why anyone who claims to be “for women” must be against abortion. But this is not the only reason abortion is evil, and ultimately is not the most important reason abortion is evil. Abortion is evil because it hurts unborn women.

This is Hillary’s great hypocrisy: while she claims to fight for the rights of all women, especially the most vulnerable, downtrodden, and marginalized women, she has fought for years to promote a practice that silences forever a massive group of women who have no voice at all, who are the most marginalized and forgotten, because they are literally—not figuratively—invisible. What about these millions of women? How can Hillary claim to be acting on behalf of “equality” when she would deliberately exclude one of the largest classes of women, unborn women, from the most fundamental right of all, the right to live and breathe?

#YesAllUnbornWomen Are Women

Hillary gets away with this because we’ve all bought into a massive lie, a lie that Hillary has propagated for decades, the lie that alleges unborn women are not women. But a baby’s sex is determined at the moment of conception. An unborn woman is a woman from the moment of conception. Life begins at the moment of conception. Any other lines so-called “experts” try to draw are arbitrary and false, and they do it because they have something to gain by it.

Large, powerful entities would love to keep propagating this lie, because it’s one of the most profitable lies ever discovered. The abortion industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world and makes hundreds of millions each year by extorting women when they feel most helpless and vulnerable. Planned Parenthood generates $164 million per year by abortions alone.

In the midst of the storm of emotion, fear, and pain that women experience from unexpected pregnancies, who tells women the lie that what’s in their bellies is nothing more than a pile of tissue? The ones who stand to profit the most by that lie. This is the worst form of exploitation. Yes, the worst, because it seeks to make a profit at the cost of a woman’s emotional, physical, and psychological health, and at the cost of a human life.

It turns out one human life can sell for an awful lot these days (not to mention their organs, once they’re dead). Is that not cause for serious alarm? If Hillary cares about human trafficking, why doesn’t she care about this kind of trafficking? How dare Democrats claim to care about human dignity and let Cecile Richards on that stage?

Hillary’s feminism is hypocrisy because it puts a price on human life, and because it excludes one of the largest classes of human beings in the name of “reproductive freedom.” As if women had no other choice. As if there weren’t thousands of organizations designed to make counseling and alternatives available to women who are hurting. Hillary’s feminism is not about women. Hillary’s feminism is about Hillary.

Hillary’s brand of feminism is hypocrisy until it protects the human rights of all women, including unborn women, and until it learns to celebrate the uniquely feminine capacity to give birth to a new human life rather than treating it the same way it treats cancer. I am done with all forms of feminism that treat fertility like a disease and make women feel defective for the God-given ability of their bodies to generate a new life.

This is why I will never support Hillary Clinton, and why I will use my vote to make sure she stays out of the Oval Office. I would love to see a woman take that seat in the White House. But I’m waiting for a woman who really cares about women. Hillary Clinton is not that woman.