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Radio With Steve Hilton: A Need For Structural Change Beyond Policy

Steve Hilton thinks that change to our political system is possible, but it starts on a human scale, not an institutional level.


Steve Hilton, former adviser to David Cameron and now CEO of CrowdPack, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to share his experiences trying to implement a reformed conservative agenda in the UK and how it has shaped his view of American politics. His book, More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First, explores fundamental changes that governments can make beyond policy.

“The underlying reason for anger and frustration that you see in this presidential election is the systems and the structures we’ve built to run the modern world have just become too big and bureaucratic and distant from the human scale,” Hilton said.

Corporations, businesses, and lobbyists are an inevitable roadblock to fundamental change. “In the end it comes down to a leader or a group of leaders…you just have to have people elected to positions of power who really want to do this, and who are pretty demented about it because the barriers are so great,” he said.

Hilton described the challenges the conservative movement in the UK faced coming out of a period of wilderness and how it may compare to what the GOP may be preparing to face after 2016. “It is important to craft everything based on an understanding of people’s real lives,” he said. “I think too often this conversation gets too ideological, too impractical and too distant from the reality of people’s daily lives.”

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