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Montel Williams Hates Haters—Except Himself

Talk show host Montel Williams thinks it’s okay to parachute into a local North Carolina race and attack a woman who opposes allowing men in women’s bathrooms.


Talk show host Montel Williams is bullying one of North Carolina’s Republican congressional candidates because she supports the state’s bathroom law that ensures women’s safety and privacy.

Kay Daly is a lifelong conservative activist who is running against 21 other candidates to fill NC-13’s open seat. Her support of House Bill 2, which requires people to use public restrooms that match their biological sex and not their gender perception, has made her a target of the talk show host, who has called her “a horrid woman.”

Williams posted a tweet telling North Carolina parents that “a strange unbalanced, creepy woman has been posing as a serious candidate”:


Daly has been a consistent Tea Party conservative who generated controversy when she aired an anti-RINO ad against candidate Renee Ellmers before District 2 was redistricted. She is now garnering more attention by posting tweets showing her support of HB2, including the following:


Williams responded by mocking the North Carolina congressional candidate and threatening to wage a campaign against her:


Williams also took offense when she criticized businesses who say they’re going to move out of North Carolina because of the bathroom law—a law that involves only public restrooms. The fact that private businesses remain unaffected by the law and that they’re free to do what they want doesn’t seem to matter to these people. The only thing they care about is advancing their militant LGBT agenda regardless of whose rights are violated—something Daly condemns.


Williams, who lives in New York, fired back and threatened to use his celebrity status against her:


Williams’ hostility for Daly seems to be rooted in more than disdain of the North Carolina bathroom law. He’s a John Kasich supporter and doesn’t seem to have much tolerance for gun-toting Tea Party types like Daly. He prefers more establishment candidates who, he says, come across as a “voice of sanity” amid a campaign season of “bigotry.”

“It’s time for conservatives to alter course and channel their anger into an aspirational message; to present a vision that appeals to a majority of Americans,” Williams said in his endorsement of Kasich. “This contest has come down to who can scream the loudest and it has come down to bigotry, which marginalizes huge segments of voters. Democrats, at least, are having a substantive debate on issues. They’re behaving like grown-ups. And when push comes to shove, Americans want a grown-up as president.”

So, Williams praises the Democrats while supporting Kasich and wants to have a debate like grown-ups, yet inserts himself into North Carolina politics and calls a conservative candidate with years of service a “moron,” “creepy,” and a “bigot” just because she has defended a law that keeps public bathrooms safe for women, something a majority of North Carolinians support.

Will the Real Hater Please Stand Up?

I have to ask Williams: Are all North Carolinians bigots because we want to keep public bathrooms safe from perverts? Are we all morons and creepy because we want to protect women? You’re a former Marine; you’re supposed to know what that means: to serve and protect. Yet you’re willing to put women at risk just to satisfy the cravings of a tiny percentage of people who already have access to a bathroom.

Is that tolerance, Mr. Williams?

Do you call that noble, Mr. Williams? Do you even care about the safety of women and young girls? Even if you disagree and say you’re just more concerned about the safety of transgender people, are the rest of us bigots because we see the issue differently?

Is that tolerance, Mr. Williams? Is your voice one of sanity as you ridicule, attack, and disparage those who don’t agree with you, as you judge us from afar through your own biased lens of small-mindedness and fanaticism? I think not. There’s a word for that down here in the South. I think you have it up there in New York too, at least you used to. It’s called hypocrisy.

The fact is North Carolina’s commitment to the privacy and security of women might run counter to Williams’ New York values, but it’s not New York values that matter in our state. Our North Carolina values matter, and we will be voting on candidates who reflect those values whether celebrities like Williams fund propaganda campaigns here or not.