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Video: 15 Times Obama Talked Smack About America While Abroad


During his trip to Cuba and Argentina, President Barack Obama talked a lot of smack about America. Watch it all here.


During his trip to Cuba and Argentina this week, President Barack Obama talked a lot of smack about America.

“What we call separation of powers and decentralization, this makes it hard sometimes for America to change as rapidly as we need to to respond to change circumstances or problems,” Obama said on Wednesday in Argentina.

Later that evening, Obama was filmed dancing the tango — the same day at least 30 people were killed and another 230 were injured from terrorist attacks in Brussels.

“Democracies have to have the courage to acknowledge when we don’t live up to the ideals we stand for,” Obama said. “And we’ve been slow to speak up for human rights.”

“We do have too much money in American politics,” he said while in Cuba.

Obama’s comments about the abundance of wealth in America — where free elections determine the leadership of the country — seem to be a rather tone-deaf thing to say in a country filled with people who are literally starving under the despotic leadership of an oppressive regime.

The Cuban people earn about $20 a month. About 20 percent of their incomes are spent on the monthly ration of food they can purchase from the state-run commissary. The amount of food that the Cuban government rations to its people is only about one-third of the calories an adult needs to live.

Watch all 15 of Obama’s critical comments here.