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Mizzou Finally Releases Poop Swastika Police Report

A police report released by the University of Missouri on Wednesday night confirms that police did respond to a complaint about a poop swastika on Oct. 24.


The University of Missouri released a police report Wednesday night that was prepared following a complaint that a swastika made of poop was found in a dormitory bathroom at the university in late October.

The police report was obtained by the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross.

Many questions remain about a swastika scrawled in feces in a bathroom at a residence hall on the University of Missouri last month. But a police report obtained by The Daily Caller on Wednesday does show that a university police officer did observe the scrawling.

The so-called poop swastika has been the subject of intense speculation in recent days. University police and other school officials and staffers have declined to provide any information on who observed the scrawling, whether police saw it and whether it was photographed.

The police report, which can be read in full here, shows that an officer responded to a vandalism complaint at Gateway Hall, a Mizzou dormitory, at 2:12 a.m. on October 24, 2015.

“I noticed there was a swastika drawn on the wall by someone using feces,” the responding officer wrote in the report. “There was also feces on the floor located by the entry way to the restroom.”

The bulk of the officer’s report is redacted. No suspects are listed, and no motivations for the fecal display are listed in the police report. The report does not include any photographic evidence of the poop swastika. Although the initial incident occurred in the early morning hours of October 24, the police report was not prepared and filed until the evening of October 29. An official investigator was assigned to the case on October 26, according to the report.

On Tuesday evening, a woman who claims to work for the university’s custodial services division stated in the comments section of a Fox Sports article that the poop swastika incident did happen as reported.

“I am a custodian for the MU residence halls,” she wrote in a comment to the article. “The [poop swastika] did happen.” She also posted on her Facebook page, which lists her employer as the University of Missouri Residential Life division, that “[a]s a custodian that works in the dorms I can confirm that the ‘poopswastika’ happened.”

The Federalist repeatedly requested records from the University of Missouri pertaining to the poop swastika, but university officials refused to respond to the inquiries. An official public records request by The Federalist, which was filed with the university’s records custodian on Tuesday morning, received no response. Repeated requests over multiple days for records and information from the university’s public relations division, its custodial services division, and its residential life division were ignored as well.

When The Federalist contacted the residential custodial services division Wednesday morning, a staffer directed all inquiries about the poop swastika incident to the university’s public relations division, which did not respond to repeated requests for comment or clarification.

[UPDATE]: On Thursday afternoon, pursuant to a public records request previously filed by The Federalist, the University of Missouri released photos of the incident, as well as previously unreported details about an incident the prior week in which a student hurled racial slurs at a white resident of the same dorm. The full details about the documents released on Thursday can be found here.