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This Viral Video About Campus Social Justice Warriors Is Fantastic

Social Justice

“Modern Educayshun” is a video about political correctness on college campuses. It’s going viral and for good reason.


A short film about social justice warriors on college campuses is going viral, and for good reason.

“Modern Educayshun” follows the experience of a student trying to navigate a classroom of overly sensitive social justice warriors. It centers around a math class in which 1+1=multiculturalism and 3×3=gender equality. Grades are a formula derived from the class average plus “privilege points.”

“We don’t ask questions. Questions are offensive,” a student explains.

The video, written and directed by an Australian-based millennial, Neel Kolhatkar, received over 1 million views the day it was released. The timing of the videos release coincided with protests at the University of Missouri over inequality and white privilege, which have been escalating and prompted the resignation of university president Tim Wolfe. 

This isn’t Kolhatkar’s first film on political correctness run amok. In January, he released a film called #Equality, which depicts a future in which straight, white men are all killed off, and the men who are left will get sentenced to 20 years in jail for disagreeing with a woman.