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Baby Organ Trafficker: These Pro-Lifers Are Making Life Really Difficult For Us

A new undercover video shows a baby organ buyer complaining about how pro-lifers are making business difficult for her and her fellow organ traffickers.


A new undercover sting video from the Center for Medical Progress shows a fetal organ procurement director complaining about how pro-lifers are making business difficult for baby organ traffickers.

The video features a conversation between a prospective baby organ buyer/researcher and Perrin Larton, the procurement director for Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), a California-based non-profit organ middleman.

In one portion of the video, Larton brags that while President George W. Bush banned federal funding for research on new embryonic stem cell lines, taxpayer-funded research on aborted baby body parts was not banned.

“Now they’re trying to make abortion illegal, and that’s where we get our tissue,” Larton says, noting that they can’t buy and sell aborted baby parts if they’re not allowed to abort babies. “So now you have this whole big thing where you have people in different states who are absolutely making it so difficult. They want transvaginal ultrasounds just because. There’s no medical reason for it.”

Larton, who said they often do transvaginal ultrasounds during abortions as a matter of course, did not acknowledge that there is also no medical reason for elective abortion.

“It’s very difficult to figure out what [the pro-lifers] are trying to do. Now they just want to ban abortion,” she complains.

Larton then blames pro-lifers for Kermit Gosnell, the convicted abortionist serial killer who killed healthy, viable babies and then cut them into parts. According to Larton, Gosnell only had a lucrative business for late-term abortion because pro-lifers made first- and second-trimester abortions too expensive for low-income minorities.

“And then what will happen is they’ll have more people like Dr. Gosnell who was in Philadelphia who was doing third-trimester abortions and then, you know, clipping the spinal cord of the infant that’s born.”

You can watch the full video here.