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Ten Reasons It Makes Zero Sense To Support Abortion

Abortion doesn’t help women. It hurts us, as the string of ghastly Planned Parenthood videos is proving.


The ninth video about Planned Parenthood has just been released, and this one doesn’t only talk about aborted baby livers and other body parts, it shows a woman laughing about the infections mothers contract at Planned Parenthood, including staph. So many of the arguments from the Left about Planned Parenthood and legal abortion are that they protect women from infection and dangerous procedures. But, really, abortion doesn’t protect women, and it doesn’t protect babies.

Instead of supporting abortion, here are my top ten reasons to support life.

1. Women Are Capable

This Salon piece says, “Think of any professional woman you know. She wouldn’t be in that role if she hadn’t been able to time and limit her childbearing.” This is a gross generalization. I know plenty of professional women—many of them fellow writers here at The Federalist—who have children and still manage to engage the world. It demeans the capability of women to say that we can’t be mothers and professionals. Having a baby doesn’t squash your ability to think or reason, and women are adept multi-taskers.

2. Babies Are Wonderful

A new addition to your family is a time for joy, even if it’s initially frightening. A baby is the future. It’s the extension of our families forward—the next generation.

3. People Aren’t Disposable

Seeing children as disposable is wrong. The moment we decide that some human lives aren’t valuable is the moment we have lost something important. We are all important. Every single one of us.

4. Humans Aren’t For Sale

Babies shouldn’t be bought or sold, piecemeal. That’s exactly what has happened when people decided that terminating pregnancy was an acceptable option. Using the bodies of dead babies for experimentation so at least they’d be of “some use” is a direct consequence of embracing abortion.

5. Humanity Begins at Conception

There isn’t a certain age or stage that makes us really human, because we were human from the start. As full humans, babies don’t deserve to have their brains removed while their hearts still beat. This is monstrous. This is murder. If there were an individual, on a serial basis, cutting through the faces of adults to harvest their brains, we would have law enforcement hunt them down to stop them. We wouldn’t fund and protect them.

6. Abortion Hurts Women

Abortion hurts women. It hurts girls. Abortion is used to cover up the abuse and rape of vulnerable girls and women. The correct response to the victimization of women is not to compound the issue by murdering their children and keeping them in the same situation, it’s to protect and help them.

7. Abortion Hurts More than the Children

Abortion creates multiple victims. The dead child isn’t the only hurt one here. You have a mother, a father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, the abortion workers—all of the people involved can carry pain from the abortion. This decision can haunt all involved for a lifetime.

8. Morality Isn’t Relative

As unpopular as it is to say this, we are accountable to God. We don’t get to make up our own moral code, in which some murder is okay.

9. Children Are Good For Everyone

Kids make us better people. We learn as we parent. Kids give us reasons to improve ourselves. Kids grow up and contribute to society, to culture, and our economy.

10. Abortion Is Dangerous

Clinics and activists actively fight against making abortion facilities conform to the safety and cleanliness guidelines established for outpatient surgical centers. Unsafe providers have killed women. If we’re claiming that abortion protects women, we probably should make sure they don’t die on the table or from preventable complications or infections. And a “successful” abortion always ends with a dead baby.

I’m pro-life. I’m pro the mother’s life. I’m pro the baby’s life. I’m pro-family. Life is a wonderful blessing, not something to avoid.