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StemExpress CEO Brags About ‘Socially Liberal’ Sister’s Job With Boehner

StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer’s sister is the House GOP’s top health advisor. Dyer says she’s socially liberal. How does this affect the House policy agenda?


The Center for Medical Progress, the journalists uncovering Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of organs and other body parts from unborn children they’ve aborted, have released a portion of the video of a meeting they held with StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer.

During the meeting, Dyer brags about her sister Charlotte Spears Ivancic, longtime health care adviser to Speaker of the House John Boehner. Her relationship to Dyer has been previously reported on and Boehner has vehemently defended Ivancic through his spokesman Emily Schillinger, saying:

“Charlotte Ivancic is a dedicated public servant who enjoys the utmost respect among her peers and Members of Congress. She has the Speaker’s complete trust and confidence in both her work and her character.”

Nevertheless, Ivancic quietly resigned from Boehner’s office a few weeks ago to join lobbying firm Tarplin, Downs & Young.

In the videotaped meeting, according to a transcript being sent around to reporters by StemExpress affiliates themselves, Dyer explains that she’s “a huge Hillary fan” and that “she’s getting elected this time. It’s a done deal as far as I’m concerned.” She talks about how she had her sister get an autographed picture of Hillary Clinton and that she features this photo on her desk.

Later Dyer says:

Dyer: Well my sister works in Congress and so she works predominantly for Republicans.
David Daleiden: Really?
Dyer: I know kind of shocking right. Everybody’s always shocked by this. But yeah, her background is she’s attorney and it’s healthcare reform and so she’s very socially liberal and super into stem cell research and everything but as far as healthcare reform goes she lines up really with the conservative group.

It’s unclear what Dyer means when she describes her sister as “very socially liberal” and “super into stem cell research.”

Ivancic has worked for Paul Ryan, Bill Frist, Jim DeMint and John Boehner. She’s favorably viewed by the media, as this glowing National Journal profile of her work on a Medicare “fix” shows.

Did Boehner’s top healthcare policy advisor support the killing of unborn children and the harvesting of their organs? Is that what is meant by “very socially liberal”?

As for stem cell research, we might recall how human embryonic-destroying stem cell research was the media cause of the early aughts. It was seemingly the sole topic of science discussed by media elites and all sorts of completely ridiculous promises were made regarding the promise of stem cells gleaned from human embryos. You might recall John Edwards claiming that if John Kerry were elected, his views on stem cell research meant that men such as Christopher Reeves would walk again. California even amended the state constitution to include massive funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Ten to fifteen years later, you hear almost nothing about human embyronic stem cell research. That’s because while stem cell research using adult stem cells or stem cells not gleaned by killing the human who provides them has turned out to be fruitful, while the embryonic-destroying stem cell research has been a big bust.

In any case, stem cell research isn’t controversial but the kind that kills embyros to obtain stem cells is.