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Breaking News Alert How A Republican Congress Can Protect Health-Care Workers From The Biggest Federal Erasure Of Their Conscience Rights Ever

National Correspondent Jonathan Martin and Candidate Jim Gilmore On the Race For the White House

Ben speaks with Jonathan Martin of the New York Times and Governor Jim Gilmore about the 2016 race for president.


Should the Vice President stay and run for the presidency, or should he go? That’s the trending topic of discussion that Ben takes up with Jonathan Martin of The New York Times.

With a finger to the pulse of both party’s primaries, Martin explains that the “conventional wisdom has been upended this year.”

As Donald Trump leads the Republican pack and socialist Bernie Sanders draws the largest crowds, the national political correspondent says the Vice President’s team must be wondering, “why wouldn’t Joe Biden have an opening?”

Later, Governor Jim Gilmore joins the program to outline his vision for the presidency. The former Virginia executive tells Ben that he’s running because, “I believe the country is in decline, and I think I can reverse that decline.”

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