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Matthew McInnis Explains Obama’s Gamble Fueling The Iranian Nuclear Deal

Matthew McInnis joins the Federalist Radio Hour to explain the president’s dangerous gamble driving the Iranian Nuclear Deal.


Matthew McInnis joins the Federalist Radio Hour to disarm the rhetoric surrounding the Iranian nuclear deal and discuss the facts.

The American Enterprise Institute fellow argues that, although President Obama’s negotiations “kick the can down the road,” they do restrain the Iranians “from getting a bomb for 10 to 15 years.”

The scholar explains President Obama’s executive gamble: Iran will escape sanctions for at least a decade but hopefully undergo a peaceful regime change during that period.

Later in the program, Managing Editor of the Federalist, Joy Pullman, reports on Hillary Clinton’s plan to make college free. And Andrew McCarthy of National Review clarifies why he thinks Erick Erickson gave Donald Trump a raw deal at the RedState Gathering.

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