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Arsenio Hall: Marco Rubio Should Never Have Been Conceived

In vile remarks posted on Twitter on Wednesday late, TV has-been Arsenio Hall attacked Sen. Marco Rubio, insinuating he never should have been conceived.


Arsenio Hall, a washed-up former late-night TV host, blasted Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Twitter late Wednesday night, saying that Rubio “should have been left in a hotel hand towel full of jizz and Astroglide” 44 years ago.

“Now THAT, was classless … Shithead!” Hall concluded.

Arsenio Hall WTF

Hall, whose name you are probably Googling right now because you’re not quite sure who he is, was apparently infuriated that Rubio earlier today referred to President Barack Obama as having “no class.”

In remarks that were targeted towards fellow GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Rubio quipped, “We already have a president now that has no class.”

Hall first tweeted out an article highlighting Rubio’s remarks at 9:05 p.m. His vile comment insinuating that Rubio should never have been conceived did not come until 9:21 p.m., which means that Hall apparently spent 16 whole minutes coming up with what he thought was a pretty sick burn. That fact alone is almost as sad as his futile, decades-long attempt at building a successful career on television.

Much like Chia Pets, scrunchies, and slap bracelets, Arsenio Hall was almost famous for five minutes in the 1990’s.