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Check Out Google’s Most Popular Election Search Terms In Each State


Google has compiled a list of the most popular election search terms in each state. Some are expected, and some will really surprise you.


In honor of election day, the politics team at Google has put together a great collection of the most popular election-related search terms, organized by candidate and state. For each state, Google collected and analyzed the most popular search terms that are appended to an individual candidate’s name when people are looking for information about that candidate.

The list of election search terms is pretty great. Some are expected and not-at-all surprising. Others, like this one about Obama, are totally weird:

Obama Search Google

The third most-searched term connected to Obama is “divorce“? Really?

Other results seem to spell bad news for some candidates. Take Nathan Deal, the Republican nominee in Georgia, for example. Here are the search terms that people most often append to Deal’s name when using Google to find information about him:

Nathan Deal Google Search

Ebola, scandal, ghetto grandmothers, and scandal? Yikes.

Then there’s the #2 search term for Bill Braley, the Democratic senatorial nominee in Iowa:

Braley Chicken Dance

The Hill explains:

Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) is no farmer but he knows how to dance like a chicken, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggests in its newest ad in one of the most contested Senate races.

“We’re farmers,” says a woman in a video clip in the 30-second ad as Braley walks by in what appears to be a parade.

“So am I,” Braley replies. The ad notes Braley is an attorney and cuts to audio of him saying he “spent 24 years of my life practicing law.”

There’s also some interesting information about the most popular political and election-related search terms nationwide. According to search results, it would appear that a lot of Americans are worried about their taxes, their kids’ education, healthcare, and immigration:

US Google Search Terms

In Colorado, a lot of people seem to be searching for the Senate candidates’ records on abortion:

Colorado Google Search

You can browse the full list here.