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VIDEO: Obama Admits You Won’t Get To Keep Your Doctor

In an interview with WebMD, President Barack Obama finally admitted you won’t get to keep your doctor under Obamacare.


In a lengthy interview with WebMD that was posted on the online health information site this morning, President Barack Obama finally admitted that you might not get to keep your doctor under ObamaCare.

But for the average person, many folks who don’t have health insurance initially, they’re going to have to make some choices, and they might end up having to switch doctors in part because they’re saving money.

But that’s true, you know, if your employer suddenly decides, “We think this network’s going to give a better deal, we think this is going to help keep premiums lower, you gotta use this doctor as opposed to that one, or this hospital as opposed to that one…”

The good news is in most states people have more than one option.

That’s a far cry from the president’s 2009-era promise that if you liked your doctor, you would be able to keep your doctor under Obamacare. When he made that promise, the president never added any caveats that you might be forced to go to a cheaper, less able doctor. He didn’t moderate the promise by saying that you could keep your doctor as long as your employer didn’t ditch your health plan to comply with Obamacare’s new rules and regulations:

First, no matter what you’ve heard, if you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep it. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll finally be able to afford insurance. Everyone will have the security and stability that’s missing today.

“Promise” is just another word for lies we tell together to pass laws that will ruin your life.

The full 28-minute interview with WebMD can be found here.