Warren Henry
Warren Henry
Warren Henry is the nom de plume of an attorney practicing in the State of Illinois.
Republicans Have A Samantha Bee Problem, Too

It’s the cultural progressivism we’ve grown immune to over the past 50 years.

The Left Has Cried Wolf On Republicans So Long Trump Is Immune

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza can’t recall ‘a consistent drumbeat of accusations about racism, sexism, demagoguery or facism’ before Trump. I can.

How To Get ‘Crooked Hillary’ To Finally Stick

The Clintons are perhaps the most adept politicians at scandal response ever. Donald Trump should not just rely on his negative branding tactic, but expose their scandal playbook.

Are We Living 1968 All Over Again?

Race wars, gun control, political corruption, riots, campus protests, and shootings: It’s hard to tell if we’re in 2016 or 1968.

Americans Are As Deluded As Our Elites

The decades-long decline of trust in American institutions coincides with a decades-long increase in the progressivism of our institutions. Yet Americans keep voting for the outcomes they hate.

Maybe Donald Trump Isn’t A Master Of Media

Donald Trump’s $2.4 billion in free media, while making him more popular with Republicans, made him less popular with everyone else.

Misunderstanding Donald Trump Supporters

Donald Trump appeals to a particular sect of the American voting population. If the GOP wants to court his followers, it must first understand them.

Is Obamacare A Real-World Success In Year One?

A takedown of Progressive claims that Obamacare’s first year has been a wondrous one for people’s health and budgets everywhere.

Can The Right Displace The Establishment Media?

Conservatives or libertarians could build their versions of the New York Times or the Washington Post in these new spaces before the Left fills that vacuum.

Ten (or Twelve) Underrated Holiday Tracks For 2013

Turn off Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time” and turn on these underrated holiday hits.

The Art Of The Mix(tape)

There is something romantic about this traditionalist view of mixing; a well-crafted cassette bespeaks a labor of love.