Sean Davis
Sean Davis
Sean Davis, Co-Founder
Sean Davis is a co-founder of The Federalist. He previously worked as an economic policy adviser to Gov. Rick Perry, as CFO of Daily Caller, and as chief investigator for Sen. Tom Coburn. He was named by The Hill as one of the top congressional staffers under the age of 35 for his role in spearheading the enactment of the law that created Sean received a BBA in finance from Texas Tech University and an MBA in finance and entrepreneurial management from the Wharton School. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected].
New Bipartisan Bump Stock Bill Would Actually Ban All Semi-Automatic Rifles

A new congressional proposal to ban bump stocks in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting would actually ban all semi-automatic rifles and parts.

Here Are The Actual Federal Laws Regulating Machine Guns In The U.S.

Private ownership of machine guns made after 1986 is banned by federal law. All pre-1986 automatic weapons must be registered with the ATF and require extensive background checks before private citizens may own them.

Read The Google Diversity Memo That Everyone Is Freaking Out About

Read the infamous Google memo about the tech giant’s crippling bias and illegal discrimination that got a whistle-blowing scientist fired.

Exxon Sues U.S. Over New Russia-Related Fines, Saying The Obama Admin Had Blessed Its Russian Deals

ExxonMobil claims that newly issued fines for allegedly prohibited deals with Russia are invalid because the deals had been previously blessed by the Obama administration.

Los Angeles Times Denies Request To Correct False Claims By Disgraced Columnist Michael Hiltzik

The Los Angeles Times is refusing to retract bogus claims about Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion made by disgraced columnist Michael Hiltzik.

Progressive Journalists Are Outraged At The NRA For Pointing Out Leftist Violence

Two days before an assassination attempt on Republicans, the NRA posted a video on Facebook warning of leftist violence. Progressive journalists are now pretending political violence is the NRA’s fault.

CNN Botches Basic Gun Fact, Then Refuses To Correct The Error

A CNN media reporter accused the Drudge Report of not caring about facts, then refused to correct inaccurate CNN reporting on guns.

New York Times Lies About Gun Laws To Excuse Leftist Violence

In its first editorial following Wednesday’s attempted massacre of Republican lawmakers, the New York Times editorial board decided to peddle blatant lies about the nation’s gun laws.

DOJ: Comey Provided False Testimony About Jeff Sessions’ Recusal From Russia Investigations

The Department of Justice on Thursday accused former FBI director James Comey of providing false testimony under oath to the U.S. Senate.

James Comey’s Latest Statement Is An Indictment Of Comey, Not Trump

In his prepared statement, James Comey admits that President Trump was not being investigated, that Comey told the president and Congress as much, and that Comey deliberately refused to inform the public of those facts.

DOJ Just Charged A Federal Contractor With Illegally Leaking Top Secret Information

The Department of Justice on Monday charged a federal contractor with illegally leaking top secret info to the media.

Washington Post’s Fake Conservative Blogger Hated The Paris Deal…Until Trump Agreed With Her

Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin used to hate the Paris climate deal. Then Trump agreed with her. Now she loves it. What changed?

Former Bush AG On Comey’s 2007 Brush With Scandal: ‘Jim’s Loyalty Was More To Chuck Schumer’

This isn’t the first time James Comey placed himself at the center of a partisan attempt to oust a top Republican. He did the same thing in 2007.

Obama Ordered The U.S. Intelligence Community To Share Intel With Cuba

In the waning days of his administration, President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. intelligence community to share information with communist Cuba.

The Real Story Behind ESPN’s Wednesday Massacre

From poor financial decisions that are no longer paying off, to declining viewership, to an increased focus on left-wing politics, ESPN made its own mess.

Did United Airlines Violate Its Own Contract By Forcing That Passenger Off The Plane?

A review of United’s “Contract of Carriage” suggests that the airline carrier violated its own rules when it forcibly removed a passenger to make room for United employees.

Here’s The Real Reason Airlines Like United Constantly Overbook Your Flights

United Airlines caused a media firestorm by having police drag a man off a flight because United overbooked. Here’s the real reason airlines constantly overbook their flights.

7 Companies That Pulled Bill O’Reilly Ads Gave Money To Bill Clinton’s Tax-Free Group

At least seven companies that pulled ads from Bill O’Reilly’s show following reports of sexual harassment suits against him nonetheless gave up to $6.6 million to Bill Clinton’s personal tax-free foundation.

So You Want To Go To War In Syria To Depose Assad. Can You Answer These 14 Questions First?

Chemical weapons attacks by the Assad regime in Syria have amplified calls for military intervention there. We need some key questions answered first.

Washington Post Lies About Lawmaker’s Biblical Reference, Then Refuses To Quote A Single Word He Said

The Washington Post lied about a lawmaker’s biblical reference, refused to quote what he actually said, then mocked Breitbart for shoddy journalism.