Saritha Prabhu
Saritha Prabhu
Saritha Prabhu is a freelance writer and opinion columnist for The Tennessean of Nashville.
I’m An Immigrant, And Trump Represents My Views On Immigration Way Better Than Democrats Do

I am an immigrant and erstwhile Democrat who finds herself thinking that the Trump administration officials are increasingly the adults in the room on immigration policies.

Chuck Todd Can’t See It’s The Media’s Fault Americans Don’t Trust Them

Chuck Todd’s recent article in The Atlantic was an insult to the intelligence of those of us who are ordinary voters and avid media consumers.

How Spygate Is Turning Democrats Like Me Against Our Party

I was a long-time Democrat who ‘walked away’ from the party because I couldn’t stomach the Democrats’ anti-democratic antics. Post-2017, it is like the mask has been ripped off.

I’m A Democrat, And The Left’s Russia Gaslighting Scares Me More Than Trump Does

My fellow Democrats are increasingly becoming the kind of low-information voters they despise and think are only on the other side.

I’m A Liberal, And I Agree With Sean Hannity That American Journalism Is Dead

The 2016 election opened my eyes to this ‘Truman Show’-like media universe we’ve all been inhabiting.