Sarah Huntzinger
Sarah Huntzinger
Sarah Huntzinger has a Master of Science in bioethics and a bachelor's degree in sociology. She is a media member of @WSFT. She has been starring at life and writing since the third grade. She took the advice of a major daily newspaper editor to keep writing and never looked back, except to be sure she didn't pass by the perfect cup of coffee.
Why Educating Teens About Their Fertility Is Not ‘A Disaster,’ But Empowering

Fertility awareness has empowered me, and thousands of other women, to take control of our fertility. Unlike contraceptive drugs and devices, they are side-effect-free and can even provide health benefits.

What Rocket Science Can Teach Pro-Life Feminists About Helping The Whole Woman

Authentic reproductive health care should safeguard the lives of the most vulnerable women and children by ensuring that it is safe both to give birth and to be born.