Ron Capshaw
‘Apollo 11’ Is A Momentous Documentary Of A Cold War Triumph

‘Apollo 11’ is mythical and patriotic, but does not eschew the hard science that was required to get Americans on the moon.

This Documentary Is What A World That Has Forgotten The Holocaust Needs

Hopefully the new Holocaust documentary ‘Who Will Write Our History?’ will educate millennials about what happened and could happen again.

Raymond Chandler’s Detective Novels Endure Because Of Their Flaws

A new annotated edition of Chandler’s classic book ‘The Big Sleep,’ is a good opportunity to reexamine the atmosphere and attitudes surrounding famed detective Philip Marlowe.

How Stan Lee And Jack Kirby’s Revolutionary Partnership Changed Superheroes

Their partnership was tense, but Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were pioneers.

Rod Serling Was So Much More Than ‘The Twilight Zone’

Nicholas Parisi’s new biography, ‘Rod Serling: His Life, Work, and Imagination,’ fails to present a complete picture of the legendary screenwriter who did his best work outside the TV show that made him famous.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Reminds Us What The Music World Lost With Freddie Mercury’s Death

The amazing part of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is how Rami Malek channeled Freddie Mercury rather than impersonated him.

‘Hunter Killer’ Fails As A Submarine Thriller On Almost Every Level

Even Gary Oldman’s dramatic gravitas can’t save this film’s meandering plot and worshipful techno-babble.

‘The Man In The High Castle’ Remains Conceptually Strong For Season Three

Season 3 is as remarkable as the previous ones in propelling the material in an imaginative and intelligent direction.

2018’s ‘Halloween’ And Star Jamie Lee Curtis Amplify The Power Of Guns

Liberal feminists support anti-predator laws and seek to limit, if not eradicate the right of everyone, women included, to bear arms. Not Jamie Lee Curtis.

Why The Original ‘Planet Of The Apes’ Remains A Classic

There is good reason the Library of Congress chose only the original for preservation for being ‘culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.’

The New ‘Murphy Brown’ Is Just As Biased And Out Of Touch As The Last One

The series is simply not funny unless you are a liberal. Its comedy is manipulative. It loads the deck by giving all the best lines to the liberals, while conservatives sputter and flee.

It’s Not Just Beto: Willie Nelson’s Politics Have Always Been Weird

Fans are feeling let down after Willie Nelson announced on Sept. 12 he would be headlining a benefit concert for Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas.

In ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ Offred Wants The Sexy Outfits Feminists Decry

Liberals are offended by the costume, but the oppressed women in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ would have undoubtedly loved to wear it.

‘Lizzie’ Celebrates Murder As Feminist Empowerment

The film is designed to celebrate Lizzie Borden’s 18 axe blows to her stepmother and the 10 or 11 to her father as feminist empowerment.

Norm Macdonald Is Conservative And Brave, A Rarity Among Comedians

Macdonald is refreshingly self-deprecating about his political awareness in a time when comedians advertise their political sophistication.

Jim Carrey Urges Democrats To Embrace The Socialist Label

‘We have to stop apologizing.’

Hollywood Hates Blacklists, Unless Judd Apatow Puts Laura Ingraham On One

Lately, left-wing comedy director Judd Apatow is not so humorously trying to blacklist conservative commentator Laura Ingraham.

Neil Simon’s Gentle Humor Will Be Sorely Missed

His comedy was a reflection of his idols, S. J. Perelman and George Kaufman; humorists who didn’t want to subvert American society but to enjoy its nonsense.

Michael Moore Honors Jane Fonda, American Traitor, With ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award

The most notorious visual example of Jane Fonda’s treason against the United States was her sitting atop a Vietcong anti-aircraft gun that shot down numerous American planes.

‘American Psycho’ Author Sticks His Neck Out To Decry ‘Leftist Hysteria’ Over Trump

Bret Easton Ellis says Hollywood is being ‘hysterically emotional about its liberalism’ by refusing to accept the reality that voters put Trump into office.