Rebekah Curtis
Rebekah Curtis
Rebekah Curtis is a housewife with a writing and indexing hobby. She has written for Babble, Touchstone, Modern Reformation (forthcoming), and is co-author of LadyLike, a collection of essays from Concordia Publishing House.
Catch This ‘70s Rock Opera Instead Of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

If you haven’t heard of ‘Truth of Truths,’ blame Rolling Stone. Its reviewer described the show as ‘preachy,’ which was exactly what it aimed to avoid.

The 411 On The Bump Stocks Everyone’s Talking About After Las Vegas

‘Bump stock’ is the word of the week following the reprehensible shooting in Las Vegas. Here’s a guide to the trending gun topics.

There Are Many More Types Of Becky In The World Than The So-Called Racist Ones

The manifestations I have encountered are not the same as Michael Harriot’s. For the benefit of Beckyological science, here are some additional angles on Becky.

Society Can Never Make Up For The Husband Single Moms Don’t Have

Lacking either a natural or a legal bond to a fatherless child, ‘society’ leaves both the child and his mother with nothing but hearts on social media posts.

Go Ahead, Women’s Marchers, Strike. Nobody Will Miss You

The people who headed up the Women’s March on Washington a few weeks ago now have a strike in the works. They should think carefully before starting.

Why Power-Mongers Want You Worshipping America Instead Of Worshipping God

Ye shall know them by their dangling hands when the flag goes by, and frown at them.

Trump Is Wrong: It’s Not Your Job To Pay For My Pregnancy

Under Donald Trump’s maternity leave and child-care proposal, parents are indisputably passing on the costs of their choice to have children to co-workers who don’t have children.

Donald Trump Is The Weirdest Quiverfull Father Ever

Chelsea has her work cut out for her. She’s just one-woman kid against the Trumpkids, which is hardly a fair fight in numerical terms. 

What Will We Do Without The Toast?

My Internet is smaller, less funny, and less serendipitous now that The Toast is closing up shop.

Feminists Love The Idea Of Women But Hate Real Women

What matters to a feminist is the abstract ideas a person claims to have about ‘women.’ How a person treats the real live women to whom he or she is closest is irrelevant.

Why Pro-Life People Are Voting For Trump

Individuals can do something directly about their pro-life beliefs. But they cannot personally do anything about illegal immigration.

7 Ways To Overcome Being Gun Shy

So you support the Second Amendment. Get comfortable with a gun to make that amendment mean something.

Resolved: College Debate Should Allow Debate

Collegiate debate generates lots of social leaders. So everyone should be concerned that today’s debaters prefer to jettison logic and scream absurdities at each other.

How This Mother Of Seven Children Does It

Here’s my response to the ever-present implied rhetorical non-question about how to mother seven children.

What Professional Sports Can Learn From Ninjas

‘American Ninja Warrior’ is the perfect American sport: not just Man, but Everyman vs. Everything.

Breast is Be$t

Breast-feeding wasn’t just revived by La Leche League but by those who figured out how to profit off it.