Philip Bunn
Philip Bunn
Philip Bunn
Philip studied political philosophy at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, and in graduate study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
‘Over The Garden Wall’ Is The Best Fall TV Show You’ve Never Heard Of

As you’re browsing for something to watch on a chilly evening, do yourself a favor and choose to watch the Emmy-winning ‘Over the Garden Wall.’

Protesters Pull Sex Toys On Conservative Campus Speaker In Madison

A sex toy protest out on the cold, wet sidewalk punctuated the right-leaning students inside the warm lecture hall hearing their ideas and intuitions confirmed.

NPR: We Don’t Need Safe Spaces Because People Can Control Their Emotions

The show ‘Invisibilia’ makes the case that we are more responsible for our emotions and responses than we typically care to believe.

The Only Way Humankind Stops The Machines From Taking Over Is Getting Religion

Mark O’Connell’s interactions with transhumanists show that modern man is not prepared to argue against transhumanism. He must either accept it or find a theological alternative.

‘Rick And Morty’ Is Incredibly Depressing And Doesn’t Deserve Its Popularity

The television show proclaims the insignificance of all our lives, reveling in existential pessimism. Why do viewers and critics love it so much?