Peter W. Wood
Peter W. Wood
Peter W. Wood is the president of the National Association of Scholars.
How To Stop Complaining And Start Fixing America’s Higher Education Crisis

The most striking thing about fixing American higher education is that the direct costs look surprisingly small. The major obstacles are political, not financial.

Springfield College Tries To Oust Professor For Teaching ‘Men In Literature’

The world has more than 900 women’s studies programs, and thousands of classes about women in literature. English professor Dennis Gouws tries to teach one ‘men in literature’ class, and it’s one too many.

The Left Can’t Stop Campus Riots Like Middlebury’s Because Their Ideology Deserves Blame

Liberals need to appreciate the dangers posed by a radical movement that rejects the principles of intellectual freedom and freedom of expression.

How Middlebury College Enabled The Student Riot During Charles Murray’s Visit

School administrators must stop abasing themselves to student outrage. Colleges should foster intellectual community—not progressive appeasement.

It’s Time To Talk About Defunding Universities That Won’t Defend Free Speech

Beyond the disinvitations, protests, and now anarchist violence at Berkeley are deep and less visible layers of suppression of thought and speech inside U.S. universities.

Bet You Can Suggest Better Books Than Lesbian ‘Classics’

What are the best books depicting talking animals? What ‘classics’ are overrated? We want your ideas on these, and more.

Take A Look At The Mental Junk Food Colleges Assign Students

A survey of what colleges assign for incoming students to read shows they are largely more concerned with political activism than with a vibrant mind.