Paul Rowan Brian
Paul Rowan Brian
Paul Brian is a freelance journalist whose interests include politics, religion, and world news. His website is
Trevor Noah’s Memoir Will Surprise You With His Take On Religion And Politics

Despite his television show being an affront to half the country, Trevor Noah’s amusing and illuminating memoir about being a child of apartheid reveals a surprising depth of understanding about religion and politics.

What Happens When We Help Mentally Ill People Kill Themselves

The liberalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide policy to cover the mentally ill is leading us down a dark path—one that offers death instead of hope.

The 1985 Book That Predicted Today’s Media—And Political—Madness

Neil Postman’s ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death’ warned us that politics would eventually become indistinguishable from show business. The 2016 election should firmly cement his reputation as the Nostradamus of the digital age.

Public Masturbation Now Legal In Italy

Giving leering perverts in Italian alleys a license to masturbate doesn’t seem likely to increase European tourism, especially when ignoring that kind of behavior contributes to sexual assault.

Hillary Clinton Needs To Stop Promoting The Alt-Right

Alt-right leaders have thanked Hillary Clinton for mainstreaming them. They’ve got a point.

Can Tribalism Transcend Political Divisions And Create Solidarity?

In “Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging,” war correspondent Sebastian Junger writes about the paradoxical ways in which war and catastrophes pull us together and help us find meaning.

Canada Elects Its Own Barack Obama

Justin Trudeau’s convincing win on Monday in Canada’s federal election spells a majority Liberal government.

Ted Cruz Praises Trump, Says ‘Grassroots Army’ Is Key To Victory

Cruz has an eye on jumping aboard the Trump train that he believes could take him all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rubio Draws Diverse Support In New Hampshire

Can the former South Miami High School football star throw a perfect spiral or is his 2016 campaign destined to be forever captured in the meme of the kid being hit in the head by his errant pass?

Bernie Sanders Woos Crowd In Muggy Speech With Cool Finish

Have some free ice cream and vote for Bernie Sanders. That was the message Monday morning in Conway, New Hampshire.

Fiorina Rallies Small Town Crowd With Reform Message

Carly Fiorina slammed today’s hostile business climate.

Scott Walker Ups The Anti-Establishment Ante In New Hampshire

Scott Walker says he is willing to fight and win for the American people, whether it means taking on Democrats or fellow conservatives.

Trump Promises ‘So Many Victories’ To Pumped Crowd

The summer of Trump is powering full steam ahead in the New Hampshire.

Ben Carson Meanders On The Campaign Trail

Ben Carson will likely have to inject some fresh energy and ideas into the campaign if he doesn’t plan to go back to surgery just yet.

Hillary Clinton’s Fake Populism

Hillary Clinton is not a populist, she’s an elitist. But if the GOP hopes to defeat her, they’ve got to get it together.

Rand Paul Doubles Down Against Trump’s ‘Nonsense’

Rand Paul says he can’t understand why conservatives support Donald Trump, who represents much of what’s wrong with Washington.

The GOP Debate View From Trump HQ In New Hampshire

Donald Trump’s supporters in New Hampshire react to his performance in the first GOP debate.

Complaining About Home-Cooked Meals Is Oppressive

Slate’s Amanda Marcotte performs yet another exercise in unintentionally comic hyperbole by attacking homemade meals.

Unmasking The Mustachioed Menace Of Microaggression

Did you know that the male individual may well be committing acts of microaggression daily? Well, by definition, he likely wouldn’t know if he had.