Nic Rowan
Nic Rowan
Nic Rowan is a sophomore studying history and journalism at Hillsdale College. He lives in Washington DC.
Lana Del Rey’s New Music Is Nostalgic For America’s Worst Year

Lana’s entire career has been just an act, a semi-erotic show of poutiness designed for the enjoyment of sad girls and angsty boys everywhere.

‘Arrival’ Deserves An Oscar For Celebrating The Beauty Of Human Life Despite Its Pain

Denis Villeneuve tells a universal story about mankind by focusing on a question that all of us will have to answer at some point in our lives: ‘Do you want to make a baby?’

Supreme Court: You Can Only Have Public Nativity Scenes If They Don’t Mean Anything

If you’re weary of the War on Christmas, rejoice! The Supreme Court settled this issue long ago. A public nativity scene is not a religious symbol. It’s ‘ceremonial deism.’

Why Music Streaming Is Bad For Democracy

The ever-increasing popularity of streaming services like Spotify speaks volumes about the changing view in American society toward the meaning of ownership.