Nic Rowan
Nic Rowan
Nic Rowan is a sophomore studying history and journalism at Hillsdale College. He lives in Washington DC.
‘Arrival’ Deserves An Oscar For Celebrating The Beauty Of Human Life Despite Its Pain

Denis Villeneuve tells a universal story about mankind by focusing on a question that all of us will have to answer at some point in our lives: ‘Do you want to make a baby?’

Supreme Court: You Can Only Have Public Nativity Scenes If They Don’t Mean Anything

If you’re weary of the War on Christmas, rejoice! The Supreme Court settled this issue long ago. A public nativity scene is not a religious symbol. It’s ‘ceremonial deism.’

Why Music Streaming Is Bad For Democracy

The ever-increasing popularity of streaming services like Spotify speaks volumes about the changing view in American society toward the meaning of ownership.