Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell
After working in Republican politics in Minnesota, Nicole Russell moved near Washington, DC and began her journalism career. Her work has appeared in the The Atlantic, The New York Times, National Review, Politico, The Washington Times, The American Spectator, and Parents Magazine. She was the 2010 recipient of the American Spectator's Young Journalist Award and she resides in northern Virginia with her four kids. Follow her on Twitter @russell_nm.
Kentucky Court Rules Company Doesn’t Have To Print Words Contradicting Christian Owner’s Convictions

The attorney who argued this case says the decision ‘reassures us all that, no matter what you believe, the law can’t force you to express a message in conflict with your deepest convictions.’

Why So Many Mothers Secretly Loathe Mother’s Day

To have one day to ‘honor’ mothers is to fail to even attempt to understand all mothers do. It’s to take a gargantuan task and turn it into a tea as if somehow that makes it all worthwhile.

Don’t Copy Hollywood In Treating Sex Like It’s Instagram

When sex is treated like a glamorous public party, complete with beautiful people in Instagram-perfect poses and ‘how-to’ lessons, it becomes a drab, tawdry to-do list.

5 Big Moments In Jason Chaffetz’s House Career That Make Us Miss Him Already

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee isn’t seeking re-election. Here’s why we’ll miss him in this role.

Michelle Pfeiffer Shows Women How To Gracefully Re-Enter Careers After Kids

Why are liberal outlets like the Huffington Post praising a movie star who took a break to raise her kids when they attack normal women for making the same choice?

The ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Trend Blames Boys For Being Born Male

Healthy masculinity is exactly what our young boys need to be taught right now, not embarrassment at the way they are made.

If Ivanka Trump Were A Democrat, She’d Be A Feminist Hero

Hardly a card-toting Republican, Ivanka Trump is doing everything a liberal would get away with, but because her dad is the GOP president, she’s instead getting burned.

Tomi Lahren’s Incoherent Abortion Flip-Flop Smells Of Opportunism

Step aside, Wendy Davis; there’s a new abortion Barbie in Texas.

The Transgender Bathroom Debate Has Nothing To Do With Bathrooms

Let’s stop pretending trans kids care about where they go to the bathroom. The LGBTQ movement cares because that’s how they advance their agenda.

Oklahoma Lawmaker Tarred For Saying Abortion Choice Should Include Fathers

A bill requiring fathers to sign off on abortions shows how a woman’s choice affects all three people involved—and how much more work pro-lifers have to do.

Would Beyoncé’s Babies Still Be Babies If She Chose Abortion?

Either mothers are pregnant with babies or fetuses. They can’t be one or the other depending on perspective, mother, or enthusiasm.

Trump Is Doing Exactly What He Said He Would Do

Attacking bureaucracy and nominating a solid originalist to the Supreme Court? Be still, my beating heart.

Liberals Refuse To Believe Ultrasounds Show A Baby’s Heartbeat

The Atlantic writer Moira Weigel admits it’s not the ultrasounds that bother her but how conservatives use them, successfully, as a weapon against abortion.

The ‘Women’s March on Washington’ Shows Why Feminism Is Dying

Women’s rights are human rights. Except the baby humans—and other contradictions.

If TSA Can’t Keep Us Safe, Why Are We Letting Them Harass Us?

If TSA searches often violate the Fourth Amendment without yielding security benefits to the country, they need to make changes to their safety procedures.

Can Progressives Stop Making My Christmas Traditions Political?

My mom went to see George Frideric Handel’s ‘Messiah,’ and the maestro went off on an anti-Trump rant. Is nothing sacred anymore?

You Wouldn’t Believe Who’s Praising Murderous Dictator Fidel Castro At His Death

In their praise of the late dictator, politicians and the media reveal ignorance at best, endorsement at worst.

The Transgender Lobby’s Demands Are Not Civil Rights

Arguing that the transgender lobby’s policy preferences are today’s civil rights movement minimizes the difficulties African-American people experienced and misrepresents the issue at large.

Not Even A Comedy Like ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Can Make Abortion Seem Normal

Terminating a baby so mom can pursue a career is traumatic for both mother and child.

4 Reasons To Look Forward To A Trump Presidency

Donald Trump is our next president. Despite the anxiety in some parts of the country, there may be a number of bright spots ahead.