Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. He has a PhD in political theory. He lives in Missouri.
The Contradiction At The Heart Of Achieving Racial Justice In America

Anders Walker’s thoughtful new book, ‘The Burning House,’ examines a tough question: Can we achieve real equality while preserving African-Americans’ strong cultural identity that was forged in violence and oppression?

If The Left Doesn’t Like Hungary’s ‘Fascists,’ It Should Stop Creating Them

The overwrought response to an election in a small Central European nation reveals far more about the Left than it does about Hungary.

You Need To Do A Lot More Than Voting To Be A Good Citizen

It is one thing for a guitar player to not understand the physics of a tube amplifier; it is another for a free citizen to not know the basics of the government he or she is part of.

How To Respond With Reason And Compassion To Transgender Bullies

Scholar Ryan Anderson’s new book, ‘When Harry Became Sally,’ employs science, medicine, and philosophy to answer the question ‘What is the most loving and helpful response to the condition of gender dysphoria?’

Here’s Why Government Workers Deserve Mockery Every Now And Then

Among government workers whose jobs do not call on them to risk life and limb, there are two distinct categories: the Ambitious and the Comfortable.

Conservative Political Wins Won’t Depend On Donald Trump

Future conservative victories will rest not upon allegiance to Donald Trump, but upon a continued willingness to engage in intellectual inquiry and political persuasion.

Korean Dog Trade Highlights How American Kennel Club Hurts Dogs, Too

We should love dogs for who they are, not force them to conform to a ridiculous aesthetic ideal.

Our National Debt And Government Spending Are A Moral Abomination

Parents and grandparents who otherwise work hard to help their kids have no compunction about burdening them with endless budget deficits resulting in a crushing national debt.

How ‘Uncultured Multiculturalism’ Unravels The Problems Of Retelling Tolkien’s Tales

J.R.R. Tolkien’s tales of Middle-earth remain as beloved as ever. Yet, as our superficial culture rushes to absorb and adapt his work, it continually fails to understand the themes that make his work meaningful.

Americans Have Such Bad Sex Because Our Consent Standard Depends On Violence

The sexual revolution promised that hookups, casual encounters, and short-term relationships would be enjoyable and liberating, but they often result in misery and exploitation.

Crackdowns On Flying With Pets Illustrate Hazards Of Special Privileges

What originated as a protection for highly trained service dogs and the people who rely on them has become an exploit available to any unscrupulous pet owner.

No, Washington Post, Socrates Was Not A Social Justice Warrior

Social justice warriors are not the heirs of Socrates; they are precisely the sort of people who had Socrates sentenced to death.

It’s Time To Call A Truce In The Outrage Wars, Or We All Lose

The Right is matching the Left outrage-mob for outrage-mob, with a Republican president leading the way. This is going nowhere good.

To Understand Why Liberalism Is Failing On Right And Left, Read Patrick Deneen’s Latest

In ‘Why Liberalism Failed,’ Notre Dame Professor Patrick Deneen ably tackles some of the biggest questions of the our age: For all its benefits, why is liberalism failing, and making so many people unhappy?

Why Demanding A Right To ‘Dignity’ Destroys All Rights And Dignity Itself

Not only is there no constitutional warrant for securing ‘dignity,’ but the equal protection of such a right is impossible. Relying on government to ensure it results in state-imposed orthodoxy.

Why America Needs More Fathers Like The Clueless Ted Wheeler In ‘Stranger Things’

Ted Wheeler may not look so bad to those whose fathers were abusive or absent (or both). Indeed, despite his flaws, he’s not even close to being the worst father in ‘Stranger Things.’

How Democrats’ Political Extremism Empowers President Trump

Given a rare shot at a Senate seat in Alabama, the Democrats nominated a candidate who supports killing full-term babies. All together now: this is how you got Trump.

To Win More Political Victories, Evangelicals Need To Stop Thinking Of America As ‘A Christian Nation’

Evangelical politics as an alliance between Roy Moore and Donald Trump illustrates a crisis of evangelical political activism and theology.

5 Big Fat Myths About LGBT Discrimination Laws

Those on the Left cheering as anti-discrimination law is turned into a weapon against the First Amendment freedoms should consider whether they really want to weaken these rights.

Self-Righteousness Infects All Sides Of Our Politics, And Makes Us Ridiculous

For many, politics is a way of showing oneself to be smarter, more enlightened, more compassionate, and more attuned to injustice than others.