Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake
Nathanael Blake is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. He has a PhD in political theory. He lives in Missouri.
Socialism’s Resurgence Is A Doomed Attempt To Address A Spiritual Problem With Politics

The concerns and anxieties that beset our culture will not be addressed only by reminders of material abundance provided by free market economics.

How Identity Politics Fuel Hatred

Hatred is a persistent presence in the human heart, but the identity politics and intersectional ideology the Left espouses legitimizes and exacerbates hate.

Why NATO Shouldn’t Become A Victim Of Its Own Success

Critiques rest on false assumptions about the role of NATO. These are enabled by its success at achieving its objectives.

Indiana Jones Isn’t Wrong—The Nazis’ Fascination With The Occult Was Very Real

A fascinating new book by historian Eric Kurlander, ‘Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich,’ shows that pop culture’s portrayal of Nazis being obsessed with mysticism and pseudoscience isn’t far off the mark.

Why We Shouldn’t Trust An Originalist Supreme Court To Secure Our Liberties

Our triumphs are in establishing communities that offer real meaning and fellowship. We will need to do this even more as our legal and policy goals are achieved.

3 Years Of Experience Have Only Proved That Obergefell Was A Big Mistake

Our cultural elites treat opposition to same-sex marriage as beyond the bounds of reasonable discourse. But three years’ more experience only reinforce that it’s a legal and cultural mistake.

How Abolishing The Death Penalty Degrades Both Justice And Mercy

To abolish the death penalty is to abdicate the civilizational attempt to instantiate justice in law, and precludes the possibility of mercy.

6 Tips For How To Survive Summer While Wearing A Business Suit

Male business attire, in particular, was not designed for a climate where the humidity hangs in the air like the sullen wrath of a petulant god, sprung fully formed from the armpit of Zeus.

Forcing Athletes To Stand For The National Anthem Is Stupid, Not Patriotic

Professional sports are overrun with schmaltzy patriotic displays that are not at all necessary and definitely should not be required for athletes.

White Privilege Has Become A Religion, Complete With Church Ladies

How enlightened, how sensitive these faithful must be to voluntarily enjoy having their sins denounced!

What’s Wrong With Using Solely Reason To Undergird A Political Philosophy

Conservatives (and libertarians) must confront the Enlightenment’s failures, and address the philosophical triumph of its critics.

Why Baseball Needs To Switch To Robot Umps As Soon As They’re Effective

If technology can provide an accurate and impartial strike zone, robot umps will enhance the real human elements of the game.

Left Finally Admits They Pack Courts With Politicized Judges, And Plan To Amp It Up

The proposal is simple: when Democrats next hold the presidency and Senate, they should pack the courts to ensure that the Left can achieve its goals.

You Don’t Have To Smoke Pot To Enjoy The Latest From Legendary Stoner Metal Band Sleep

If you like great riffs, and can either enjoy or overlook some nonsensical lyrics about pot, give Sleep and their latest offering a try.

Is Jonah Goldberg Right About Why We’re Committing Cultural Suicide?

Jonah Golberg’s latest book, ‘Suicide of the West,’ is a timely and incisive reminder not to take liberalism and capitalism for granted, but its diagnosis of why liberalism is failing is somewhat incomplete.

The Contradiction At The Heart Of Achieving Racial Justice In America

Anders Walker’s thoughtful new book, ‘The Burning House,’ examines a tough question: Can we achieve real equality while preserving African-Americans’ strong cultural identity that was forged in violence and oppression?

If The Left Doesn’t Like Hungary’s ‘Fascists,’ It Should Stop Creating Them

The overwrought response to an election in a small Central European nation reveals far more about the Left than it does about Hungary.

You Need To Do A Lot More Than Voting To Be A Good Citizen

It is one thing for a guitar player to not understand the physics of a tube amplifier; it is another for a free citizen to not know the basics of the government he or she is part of.

How To Respond With Reason And Compassion To Transgender Bullies

Scholar Ryan Anderson’s new book, ‘When Harry Became Sally,’ employs science, medicine, and philosophy to answer the question ‘What is the most loving and helpful response to the condition of gender dysphoria?’

Here’s Why Government Workers Deserve Mockery Every Now And Then

Among government workers whose jobs do not call on them to risk life and limb, there are two distinct categories: the Ambitious and the Comfortable.