Michael Morris
Michael Morris
Mike enjoys his slice of American Pie in Denton, Texas with his wife and three daughters. He has made a habit over the years of reading and thinking but not necessarily in that order, and also finds time to work in Commercial Real Estate. He can be followed on Twitter @laffyjaphy.
When Johnny Cash Was Weakest, He Was Also His Strongest

Although 20 years have come and gone, Johnny Cash’s final albums still offer the listener a vision into what it means to live a life of faith.

To Resurrect ‘The Idea Of A Christian Society’ Christians Need To Get Courageous

In ‘Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society,’ R.R. Reno makes an impassioned case that the fate of the least among us depends on Christians who are willing standing up for their beliefs.

Burkini Battle Shows Why Progressive Secularism Is So Darned Boring

As secularism seeks to establish a material utopia by purging religion, it inadvertently deprives its citizens of a necessary dimension of true happiness, as the Burkini battle in France shows.

Thanks, ‘Ghostbusters,’ For A Movie Men With Daughters Want To See

Is it too much to ask that we skip the latest Disney princess for someone in a mask or jump suit? Inquiring fathers want to know.

I Don’t Care About Bathrooms. I Care About My Child Being The Target Of Trendy Propaganda

While bathrooms seem fairly innocuous, schools cannot be forced to open them up to sex-confused children without also spoon-feeding gender theory to psychologically healthy kids.