Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen
Michael M. Rosen is an attorney and writer in Israel and an adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Reach him at [email protected]
Examine The Key Figures Who Shaped Our Understanding Of The Constitution

In ‘The Lives of the Constitution: Ten Exceptional Minds that Shaped America’s Supreme Law,’ scholar Joseph Tartakovsky explains how a remarkably diverse collection of intellectuals have defined public perception of the Constitution.

‘The Strange Death Of Europe’ Says Europe’s Decline Is A Choice

With ‘The Strange Death of Europe,’ Douglas Murray makes worthy entry in the burgeoning genre of books on Europe’s immigration challenges and cultural decline. But like other authors before him, he offers no cure for what’s ailing the continent.

The Jewish Center Threats May Have Been Hoaxes, But Anti-Semitism Isn’t

The boy’s arrest sparked a deep embarrassment, an unshakeable feeling that the Jewish community can sometimes be its own worst enemy.

How To Revive Federalism: By ‘Saving Congress From Itself’

In a new book, ‘Saving Congress From Itself,’ James Buckley points out a simple fix that can make a big difference in helping restore American self-government.