Michael Graham
Michael Graham
Michael Graham
Michael Graham is a radio talk show host in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow him on Twitter @IAmMGraham.
Why Picking A Clean Slate At The GOP Convention Makes Sense

If Donald Trump tops out at 1,100 delegates, the Republican convention has no duty to saddle its party with a guaranteed

Stop Pretending Islamic Terrorists And Crusaders Are Equal Threats Today

Pretending that Muslims, Methodists, and Mormons are equally likely to be inspired to violence by their faith is beyond indefensible.

Trump And His Protesters Both Hate Free Speech

The sucker-punching Trumpies and sign-shredding socialists are both winning. The only loser is free speech.

The #NewYorkValues Fight Is A Loser For Trump

For many Americans, particularly rural and suburban GOP primary voters, Manhattan might as well be on Mars.

The GOP Has Stopped Hiding Its Identity Politics

For me, conservatism has always been a rejection of identity in favor of ideas. So much for that.

Why Isn’t The Right Defending Freddie Gray?

Government agents free to kill unarmed Americans like Freddie Gray—and have the support of conservatives while they do it—is simply unimaginable.