Matthew Boomer
Matthew Boomer
Matt Boomer is a technology and business analytics consultant living in Dallas, Texas. He studied political science, history, and business economics at the University of Notre Dame.
Protesters Are All Wrong About Confederate Statues. They’re Not A Celebration, But A Warning

We can’t—and shouldn’t—wipe out the most sordid facets of our national past. They must serve as a haunting reminder of where we’ve been, and won’t return.

Venezuela’s Descent Into Chaos Buries The Left’s Hopes Of ‘Good Socialism’

Our glitterati’s favorite socialist paradise has, like so many similar experiments, become a murderous den of oppression and privation.

The Police Video Of Philando Castile’s Death Confirms He Didn’t Have To Die

Merely stating that one has a weapon in the absence of any real indicator of danger is not a crime in a country that guarantees its citizens the right to bear arms.