Margot Cleveland
Margot Cleveland
Margot Cleveland is a senior contributor to The Federalist. She is also a contributor to National Review Online, the Washington Examiner, Aleteia, and, and has been published in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Cleveland is a lawyer and a graduate of the Notre Dame Law School, where she earned the Hoynes Prize—the law school’s highest honor. She later served for nearly 25 years as a permanent law clerk for a federal appellate judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Cleveland is a former full-time faculty member and current adjunct professor for the college of business at the University of Notre Dame, where she received several teaching awards. As a stay-at-home homeschooling mom of a young son with cystic fibrosis, Cleveland frequently writes on cultural issues related to parenting and special-needs children. Cleveland is on Twitter at @ProfMJCleveland. The views expressed here are those of Cleveland in her private capacity.
In This Volatile Time, All Sides Must Condemn All Threats And Political Violence

According to her lawyers, Christine Blasey Ford is still unable to resume her teaching responsibilities at Palo Alto University, and her family cannot safely return to their home.

Does Robert Mueller’s Lead Prosecutor Have A History Of Ethics Violations?

These facts raise serious concerns about Andrew Weissmann’s continued service on the special counsel’s team and justify delving further into the career of the long-time federal prosecutor.

7 Top Takeaways From Grassley’s Report On Brett Kavanaugh’s Accusers

The Senate Judiciary Committee report included several new tidbits that further expose the fraudulent nature of the claims of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh.

Caravaners’ Lawsuit Against President Trump Is Pure Political Theater

The complaint seeks to castigate the commander-in-chief instead of laying out a legal basis for Honduran citizens to sue our government under the U.S. Constitution. There is no legal basis.

Racist Gaffe Shows Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly’s True Leftist Colors

Joe Donnelly clearly senses his liberal Washington values are out-of-step in the red state that President Trump carried 57 to 38 percent.

How To Punish Undeserving Trick-Or-Treaters And Reward The Deserving Ones

Here’s how you can enjoy the fun of watching trick-or-treating youngsters in all their glory, while thwarting the gimmes from teens and adults who didn’t even dress up.

More Emails Pull Back The Curtain On Obama-Era Abortions For Underage Illegal Aliens

How Obama’s Office of Refugee Resettlement transferred underage illegal immigrants to other states to avoid parental notification laws and obtain late-term abortions.

Here’s The Plot For The Next ‘Roseanne’ Reboot America Needs

One fan had an idea: James Woods and Roseanne Barr team up for ‘a crazy sitcom together.’ Retweeting the suggestion, Woods said he’d ‘consider doing that.’

There’s Another Explanation For Peter Strzok’s March 2016 Texts Than Setting Up Trump

While Peter Strzok led the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign and may have targeted Trump in early to mid-2016, Strzok also worked on other matters during that time.

Court: Obama Admin Dodged State Laws To Get Illegal Minors Abortions

Unlike the Obama administration, the Trump administration will not whisk the girls off to obtain out-of-state clandestine abortions, thwarting both parental involvement and state laws.

Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton Finally Admitted Democrats Think It’s Okay To Cheat To Win

Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton have finally voiced the reality: There’s politics. There’s dirty politics. And then there’s progressive politics—lying, cheating, and stealing to win.

Why Voting Against Kavanaugh Will Only Make Things Worse For Democrats

Between now and November 6, Christine Blasey Ford’s case will continue to crumble—and it may well bury several Democrat politicians or party operatives in the process.

Attacks On Kavanaugh Increasingly Pathetic As Confirmation Vote Looms

Liberals are resorting to using an op-ed Brett Kavanaugh published in The Wall Street Journal as proof—PROOF—of his unfitness for the Supreme Court.

Media Matters Mangles The Facts To Smear Those Questioning Ford’s Testimony

Not since Ray Bolger skipped across the screen with Judy Garland has a more creative strawman been invented!

These Emails Show Kavanaugh Accuser’s Attorney Lied To Anderson Cooper About Senate Republicans’ ‘Game-Playing’

While Christine Blasey Ford’s last-minute accusation upended the Senate Judiciary Committee, with Deborah Ramirez Sen. Charles Grassley and his team were prepared.

Why It Would Be Better For Christine Blasey Ford If She Skips Thursday’s Hearing

Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys have constantly complained about the agreed-upon process, making it look more and more likely that Kavanaugh’s accuser will be a no-show.

Fourth Supposed Witness To Kavanaugh Accuser’s Alleged Assault Indicates It Didn’t Happen

Not only do all four people she’s named as witnesses say Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations are completely false, they all say Brett Kavanaugh would never have done such a thing.

How Brett Kavanaugh Can Be Innocent Even If Christine Blasey Ford Isn’t Lying

When partisan passions are put aside, Brett Kavanaugh’s suggestion provides the most compassionate and reasonable way the competing stories can be reconciled with reality.

Kavanaugh Doesn’t Think Birth Control Is Abortion. In Fact, He Thinks Government Has An Interest In Providing It

The media aided abortion activists’ misrepresentation. CNN said Brett Kavanaugh referred to contraceptives as ‘abortion-inducing drugs.’ While he didn’t, some of them in fact are.

Papadopoulos Court Docs Provide More Evidence Russiagate Was A Setup To Get Trump

Why didn’t the FBI wire George Papadopoulos and arrange for him to meet with Joseph Mifsud during the State Department conference?