M.G. Oprea
M.G. Oprea
M.G. Oprea
M. G. Oprea is a writer based in Austin, Texas. She holds a PhD in French linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. You can follow her on Twitter here.
Don’t Expect The United Nations’ New Leader To Resolve The Syrian Refugee Crisis

António Guterres is passionate about helping refugees. But will he acknowledge the violence causing our refugee crisis in the first place?

Hungary’s Reaction To Migrant Crisis Shows Globalism Breaking Down

This political shift is a reaction to the overreach of an EU that wants both to suppress each nation-state’s ethnic and cultural homogeneity and dictate each member’s immigration policy.

Don’t Compare U.S. Immigration To Europe’s Migrant Crisis

To pretend we’re facing the same cultural crisis as Europe would be laughable if it weren’t so intellectually dishonest and irresponsible.

Neither Trump Nor Clinton Are Up To Meeting Our Foreign Policy Challenges

Surveying the foreign policy looming landscape, it’s not at all clear that either of the two frontrunners are up to the task.

Chicago Group Censors Questions For London’s Muslim Mayor

People want to know what the first Muslim mayor of London thinks about the fact that the British government is ignoring problems with Muslim immigrants.

It’s Deadly To Pretend ISIS Doesn’t Mean What It Says

Liberal politicians and members of the media want to deny ISIS’s ability to attack America because doing so gives them an excuse for inaction.

The One Thing Jeb Bush Got Right This Year? Speaking In Spanish

Jeb Bush’s primary run may not have succeeded, but his tactics for reaching Hispanic voters were brilliant, and worth emulating.

London Counterterrorism Officer Quits Over Double Standard For Muslims

Political correctness causes London police to protect Muslim extremists within their ranks and discount reports of crimes they’ve committed, says former counterterrorism officer Javaria Saaed.

Study: College Students Spend Far More Time Playing Than Studying

Most college students study and sit in class less than 20 hours per week. They spend three times that amount on leisure activities.

Museum Trips Will Not Keep European Teens From Islamism

European Muslims are not embracing Western culture, and Italy’s plan to give all 18-year-olds $500 to spend at museums and concerts is not going to help. Cutting welfare might.

Kayla Mueller’s Tragic Death Is A Reminder Of Obama’s Failed Policies

For Kayla Mueller, Obama’s political priorities were the difference between life and death.

German Government Recommends Stockpiling To Prepare For Terrorist Attacks

What kind of disaster is the German government anticipating that would cause the need to stockpile food? Well, take your pick. The world’s a scary place.

Why It’s So Hard To Prosecute Islamists And Keep A Free Society

Anjem Choudary’s case exemplifies the difficulties we in the West face in dealing with homegrown Islamic radicalism.

Intel Confirms ISIS Hid Among Refugee Hordes Flooding Europe

Politically correct platitudes provided cover for ISIS agents to infiltrate Europe inside the refugee bands that swarmed borders.

Report: British Authorities Still Ignoring Massive Pakistani-Led Child Sex Ring

Why bother rescuing thousands of children from rape if it might mean enduring claims of anti-Muslim racism?

Stop Making Excuses For Militant Islam, Pope Francis

Pope Francis does a disservice to his followers and world leaders, who would look to him for the confidence and moral backing to call out Islamic terrorism and face it head-on.

Donald Trump Should Celebrate The Khan Family, Not Attack Them

The Khans are a terrific example of how the United States excels at assimilating people from varied cultures and religions.

Hollande Suggests France Will Finally Defend Its Culture Against ISIS

French President Francois Hollande’s comments about a recent ISIS attack on a Catholic priest hint the nation is becoming ready to count itself worthy of a real defense.

Angela Merkel’s Migrant Crisis Hits Home With Terrorism

Germany has seen four violent attacks in the past week, three of which were perpetrated by refugees from the Middle East.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Sends Mixed Messages To Enemies And Allies

The man who has a fair chance of being our next president casually dropped in an interview that he would violate a treaty the United States has upheld since NATO’s founding in 1949.