Megan G. Oprea
Megan G. Oprea
Megan G. Oprea
Megan G. Oprea is a senior contributor to The Federalist and editor of the foreign policy newsletter INBOUND. She holds a PhD in French linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. You can follow her on Twitter here.
Republicans Need A Foreign Policy That’s Neither Isolationist Nor Hawkish

The GOP has struggled to define its foreign policy views, waffling between neoconservatism and anti-interventionism. But we need a third way.

Trump Is Making Obama’s Mistake In Syria: Putting His Hopes in Russia

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Syrian ceasefire to culminate in some sort of peaceful resolution, or even last long. We’ve been down this road before, folks.

New Poll Finds Public Supports Restricting Travel From Majority-Muslim Countries

A new poll released Wednesday indicates that restricting migration from majority-Muslim countries is a lot more popular than the mainstream media would have us believe.

What Dangers Lie Ahead For Trump’s Red Line For Syria

The Trump administration appears to be throwing down the gauntlet not just to Syria, but also to its allies Russia and Iran.

We Have To Take Russia’s Provocations In Eastern Europe Seriously

While everyone has focused on Russia’s meddling into last year’s presidential election, other blatant acts of Russian aggression have gone unnoticed.

New Kind Of Terror In London Sees Potential Vigilante Attacking Muslims

The mosque attack does suggest that Britain is at a dangerous boiling point and that the violence is now coming from both sides of the spectrum.

Why The American Imam Who Inspired The London Bridge Attack Can’t Be Stopped

One of the London Bridge attackers was allegedly an avid follower of a radical Salafist Islamic preacher, Ahmad Musa Jibril, who lives in Dearborn, Michigan.

The U.S. Controversy Over Qatar Is Really A Proxy War Over Obama’s Iran Deal

Qatar, which has long sponsored terrorist groups, faces an embargo by the Gulf states that risks cutting the country off from most of its trade routes and food supplies.

Wednesday Terror Attack On Tehran A Surprise Peek Into Political Fault Lines

Wednesday’s attacks in Iran seem not to have been spontaneously inspired by ISIS, but carefully planned to hit a nerve and grab international attention.

After London Bridge, The World Is Sick Of Politicians Downplaying Terrorism

Our political leaders are basically telling us that this kind of terrorism, random and deadly, is the price we have to pay for their policies of multiculturalism and political correctness.

Manchester Bombing Foreshadows Another Fraught Ramadan

The Manchester bombing is a stunning reminder that, despite ISIS losing territory in the Middle East, its appeal isn’t totally lost on young Muslims living in the West.

Trump Tells Muslim World To Stop Enabling Terrorism

President Trump wants to make it clear that it’s the Muslim world, not the United States, that must lead the way in pushing back against Islamism.

Islamists Just Threw A Christian Politician In Jail For ‘Blasphemy’ Against The Quran

What’s most disturbing is that the judges’ decision is a capitulation not only to Islamic law but to the demands of the mob.

Vox Voxplains Radical Islam As No Threat To Americans Or The West

Will Wilkinson at Vox insists there are no reasonable arguments to be made that radical Islam poses any threat to the United States or Western civilization.

Voters Deliver Weak Mandate For New French President In Precarious Position

On Sunday French voters chose a centrist candidate for president, Emmanuel Macron, who has never been elected to office and who founded his own party.

If We Don’t Get A Syria Strategy, Get Ready For Another Big Middle East Mess

The Trump administration, like the Obama administration before it, is militarily invested in Iraq and Syria. Yet it has no strategic vision for Syria after the fight against ISIS is over.

United Nations Puts World-Renowned Women-Abuser On Women’s Rights Panel

Our foremost international body has intentionally put Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for its women’s rights problems, on a commission dedicated to promoting women’s rights.

How The Champs-Élysées Attack Affects The French Presidential Election

If Islamists want to keep Muslims from integrating into French society and encourage them to resist through violence, it would be in their best interest to have Marine Le Pen in power.

Election Results Likely To Accelerate Turkey’s Authoritarianism

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party are hailing the victory as a clear mandate from the people, despite winning by a razor-thin margin.

Meet The Men Who Fought Hitler — And Fought Dirty

In Giles Milton’s new book, ‘Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare,’ he tells the story of a cunning and ruthless band of saboteurs that helped win World War II—and saved untold lives in the process.