Megan G. Oprea
Megan G. Oprea
Megan G. Oprea
Megan G. Oprea is editor of the foreign policy newsletter INBOUND. She holds a PhD in French linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. You can follow her on Twitter here.
How The Champs-Élysées Attack Affects The French Presidential Election

If Islamists want to keep Muslims from integrating into French society and encourage them to resist through violence, it would be in their best interest to have Marine Le Pen in power.

Election Results Likely To Accelerate Turkey’s Authoritarianism

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party are hailing the victory as a clear mandate from the people, despite winning by a razor-thin margin.

Meet The Men Who Fought Hitler — And Fought Dirty

In Giles Milton’s new book, ‘Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare,’ he tells the story of a cunning and ruthless band of saboteurs that helped win World War II—and saved untold lives in the process.

Trump Is Right. Our Enemies Don’t Need Forecasts Of U.S. Troop Movements

During the Obama era, our military maneuvers were transparent to a fault. We need the element of surprise when conducting operations overseas.

‘Homeland’ Actor: The Real ‘Guilty Ones’ This Season Are White Men, Not Islamic Terrorists

‘Homeland’ has taken such a sudden turn toward political preaching and progressive tut-tutting that its story and characters barely resemble those of the previous five seasons.

If Syrians Want To Stop Assad’s Chemical Weapons, They Must Do It Themselves

Both President Trump and the United Nations appear unlikely to take any significant steps toward ending Bashar al Assad’s reign of terror.

As Britain Exits, European Leaders Nervously Insist EU Is ‘Undivided And Indivisible’

The ‘unity summit’ in Rome was aimed at more than merely commemorating the EU’s 60th anniversary. Member states used the occasion to try to reenergize its mission.

Despite Far-Right Loss In Netherlands, Nationalism Isn’t Going Anywhere

The rise of Geert Wilders and his party, despite their election-day loss, shows how influential populism has become in Europe. As a political force, populism is here to stay.

Thought The U.S. Elections Were Crazy? Wait ‘Til You Get A Look At France’s

If you think Americans had a rough election year, take a look at what’s been going on in France, which holds the first round of its presidential election next month.

ISIS Is Retreating In Syria And Iraq, But It’s Nowhere Near Over

As ISIS loses ground in Syria and Iraq, there is increasing concern that militants will flee to nearby countries and terror cells to regroup.

Jadis’s Pidgin English In ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Laughably Unrealistic

‘The Walking Dead’ envisions societal breakdown after a global cataclysmic event. For the most part, its scenarios ring true. But not this time.

Trump’s Team Does Global Damage Control For Their Bombastic Chief

Trump’s drive-by policymaking could be a huge distraction for his top foreign policy surrogates—and more importantly, sow chaos across the globe.

Trump Won’t Do What Is Necessary To Defeat ISIS Because That Would Be War

Defeating ISIS would most likely necessitate a holistic, long-term approach in Iraq along the lines of the 2007 surge. But this would cost the president significant political capital.

Most Americans Support Trump’s Immigration Order, And They’re Not All Racists

As Trump considers fighting the courts or drafting another executive order, it’s important to remember many Americans view things very differently from the so-called mainstream.

Why It’s Wrong To Compare Terrorist Attacks To Generic Gun Violence

Being unsure about what’s going to happen and knowing we’re helpless to prevent it increases how afraid we are.

How To Tell The Difference Between Populism And Fascism

Piers Brendon’s book, “The Dark Valley,’ offers valuable lessons about the rise of fascism in the 1930s for the present populist moment—provided we have the maturity to resist comparing Trump to Hitler.

While U.S. Leaders Fiddle, Russia Makes Strategic Moves In Libya

Russia’s increased involvement in Libya is another sign that President Vladimir Putin seeks a resurgent Russia that holds sway with allies throughout the Middle East.

Former Charlie Hebdo Writer Says She Quit Because The Terrorists Won

Journalist Zineb El Rhazoui used the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack to speak out for the first time about why she decided to leave the publication last fall.

Thanks To Obama’s Presidency, ISIS Is Alive And Well

The Islamic State has become the most prominent terrorist organization in the world—and Obama’s ‘lead from behind’ tactics have made things worse.

How Political Correctness About Islam Made Britain Vulnerable To Chemical Terrorism

Ben Wallace’s call for public vigilance is both ironic and impossible given a pervasive culture in Britain that demands absolute tolerance for all things Muslim.