Liz Wolfe
Liz Wolfe
Liz Wolfe is managing editor at The Federalist. She was previously managing editor at Young Voices. She’s a contributing writer for Playboy, where she writes on the intersection of law and culture, and her work has appeared in Reason, National Review, The Daily Beast, Houston Chronicle, Citylab, and USA Today. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband. You can follow her on Twitter.
Identity Politics Are Rapidly Destroying The Value Of College Degrees

Too often, college is merely a signal to show bare minimum competence to employers. Is that signal still valuable as college becomes more about indoctrination and delayed adulthood?

The Nation’s Groveling Apology For Publishing A Poem Only Damages The Arts

The Nation’s editors are willing to strip their publication of controversy and offense, in service of illiberal mobs that will, over time, stamp out art and creative expression.