Lewis M. Andrews
Lewis M. Andrews
Lewis Andrews
Lewis Andrews is the editor of www.SmartTowns.org and author of "To Thine Own Self Be True: the Relationship between Spiritual Values and Emotional Health" (Doubleday).
When The U.S. Goes Bankrupt, Here’s Who Gets Out With The Least Pain

According to a recent estimate, the combined pension hole of all U.S. states and cities is now equal to the world’s fourth-largest economy, Germany. Also, Medicare has no money in eight years.

How School Choice Can Solve States’ Huge Debt And Pension Woes

We calculated how much the taxpayers of Illinois, New Jersey, Kentucky, California, or Connecticut might benefit if some public school families were given school choice.

We’re Afraid Of Robots Because We Don’t Believe In God

For robots to even be considered a threat, we must assume their complex tasks are so like what a human being does that their ascendency is only a matter of technological refinement.

Why Pay Full Pensions To Unions That Bankrupted Taxpayers Pockets And Kids’ Minds?

The cumulative debt for all public pension systems is at $5.599 trillion, or $46,884 per household. Most is for teachers, whose unions have for years resisted improvements for kids.

Political Correctness Is A Mask For Leftists’ Intellectual Insecurity

To legitimize itself, the Left needs to hide the truth that the central planning it loves only begets misery. So all it has remaining is trying to shut the rest of us up.

How Moon Gas Could Solve Climate Change

Many scientists believe that retrieving helium3 from the moon could finally generate an unlimited supply of nuclear energy here on Earth without creating radioactive waste.

Why Low Interest Rates Mean Big Bills

Some of the inevitable bills for lawmakers’ refusal to pay for their spending will show up much sooner than expected.

Elizabeth Warren’s Achilles Heel: Her Support For School Choice

Sen. Elizabeth Warren once touted school choice as a necessary relief for middle-class families. With the presidency in view, no longer.

The Other Sixties Revolution Has Unexpectedly Returned

Two cultural revolutions occurred in the sixties. One was political, the other religious and therapeutic.

Why The Nationwide Pension Crisis Is An Opportunity To Reinvigorate Society

Citizens and local leaders should use the looming pension crisis in many states and cities to release local governments from centralized control.