Leslie Loftis
Leslie Loftis
Leslie Loftis
Leslie Loftis is a lawyer turned freelance writer. She writes on feminism, law, politics, parenthood, and pop culture, particularly where they intersect. She is a founding member of the Houston Policy Forum (website coming soon) and a member of Leading Women for Shared Parenting. She currently lives in Houston with her husband and four children.
Apparently Ladies Want To Bleed All Over Trump’s Whatever

Why it’s effective for the Left to treat the personal as the political—even something as personal as women’s periods.

Lands’ End Should Have Known Gloria Steinem Is Poison

Gloria Steinem is controversial because she sought equality for women not by building them up, but by tearing them down.

What You Can Do About America’s Political Crisis

We have relied upon the Supreme Court to preserve and defend us for too long. Any remaining shred of hope for that plan died with Justice Scalia. Now we must begin to defend ourselves.

Why Hillary Clinton Keeps Stumping With Lena Dunham

The Clinton campaign has a tin ear for remedying their candidate’s woman problem.

Miscarrying While Feminist

A feminist hurtles into reality and finds ‘I felt not just invisible to the ideology I’d grown up with, I felt forsaken.’

President Obama’s Gun Speech Proclaims His Impotence

The Nobel-winning president that the world once loved dropped bombs on his own authority in a hyped gun violence speech last night that mostly highlighted his lame-duck status.

How A Movie About The Men’s Rights Movement Became A Feminist’s Journey

A feminist documentary-maker takes ‘The Red Pill’ and gets beyond the lace curtain.

America’s Not Coming To Help France

France has rushed to bomb Syria after the Paris terror attacks because it knows the United States has lost its will for acting as the world’s protector.

Houston Rejects Special LGBT Privileges By Huge Margin

How did the Texas city that elected a lesbian mayor for three consecutive terms become the most bigoted city in America?

Star Wars Broke The Internet Last Night

Star Wars fans are cautiously optimistic about ‘The Force Awakens’ after its new trailer.

Lena Dunham’s Successfully Disastrous Hillary Clinton Interview

Lena Dunham and Hillary Clinton exceeded my low expectations by successfully portraying Clinton as a big faker.

Why Do Refugees Matter Only After The Christians Are Dead?

If the public only required poignant visuals to address the Middle East refugees and other horrors, we would have seen popular calls for action months ago.

8 Rules For Right-Wing Rebels

The Right can’t out-Alinsky the Left. But ‘the eternal rebel at the heart of every conservative’ can still win.

What’s The Big Deal About School Bathrooms?

How comfortable will menstruating young women feel attending school if they don’t have female-only bathrooms? The Third World knows.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Shouldn’t Leave Because Of Sansa Stark’s Rape

If all the stories are happy stories, then society loses one of its best tools to prepare us for the shock of evil and the need to resist.

Only Children’s Selfishness Isn’t Their Fault

Only children get the reputation for conceit, but excessive conceit is really the hallmark of their parents. And the damage they are doing to America is about to peak.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Food Advice Is Hurting You

Food rules are conveniently branded as easy pop morality. But they can turn dangerous.

Religious Nonprofits, Plan Now For Tax-Exemption Battles

If the Supreme Court nationalizes gay marriage, as most expect, it will threaten tax exemptions for religious organizations and churches.

The Frat Boys Suing Rolling Stone Are Right

The men of Phi Kappa Psi, whom Rolling Stone tarred as gang-rape perpetrators, have good grounds for suing that magazine for defamation.

How Well Will American Christians Wear Our Cross?

The coming days will show us that American Christians aren’t as numerous as the guide books tell us. They might not be as strong as some assume, either.