Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin
Kyle Sammin is a lawyer and writer from Pennsylvania. Read some of his other writing at, or follow him on Twitter @KyleSammin.
‘Involuntary Celibates’ Are The Next Manifestation Of Sexual Socialists

Incel ideas fit into a pattern of statist rhetoric followed by many other groups who, failing to achieve their aims in life, seek to use state power to force the result they desire.

How Redistributing Wealth To Promote The American Dream Has Actually Undermined It

A question most people never have to bother with is: Once you and your family have achieved success in America, what do you do now?

Why Fascism Won’t Come To America

Harvard professor Cass Sunstein is the editor of a new collection of essays, ‘Can It Happen Here?: Authoritarianism in America.’ If you were looking for intellectuals to confirm your worst fears about Trump, this does the opposite.

What Is Free Speech In America Gets People Jailed In France And Elsewhere

The government of French President Emmanuel Macron ordered the arrest of his opponent from the 2017 presidential election, Marine Le Pen.

Furor Over The Citizenship Question On The Latest Census Is Ignorant Fearmongering

If asking about citizenship is illegal, every census since 1890 has been a crime.

Why Republicans Are Right To Impeach Pennsylvania’s Rogue Supreme Court Justices Over Gerrymandering

What is more in accord with the rule of law: four justices usurping the power of a co-equal branch of government, or a legislature doing exactly what the state constitution allows?

Yo, Big Business: Money Doesn’t Give You A Right To Manipulate Politics

Having failed to win elections based on their ideas, liberals are successfully trying to use big business to force change onto Americans.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Pulls Off A Stunning Coup With Map Drawing Stunt

The court’s decision, which incredibly did not cite case law or a constitutional provision, was a show of legislative force.

No, Trump Didn’t Make It Easier For People With Mental Illness To Buy Guns

Gun control advocates are blowing the repeal of a poorly thought-out law way out of proportion in an attempt to make the Trump administration look unhinged.

Why It Shouldn’t Be A Federal Crime To Punch Reporters

Eric Swalwell’s bill would limit a universal freedom to a discrete class, and place the government—either through bureaucracy or through the courts—in charge of defining that class.

Eagles’ Moment Of Redemption Has Philadelphia Flying High

Is this the dawning of a new Philadelphia? Of a city who sees itself as a winner? It is, of course, too early to say. But the city should celebrate regardless.

What Populism Is And Why It’s So Compelling

Donald Trump gestured at something lacking in the two-party system of the past generation and, whether he meant to or not, began the shift to a new system of conservatism.

The ‘Stable Genius’ Act Is A Terrible Idea, And Not Just Because It’s Unconstitutional

There is no legal theory here from Democrats, just a primal scream of rage against their failure to dislodge from office the president they find so odious.

After State Deduction Cut, Blue States Panic To Hide Spending Binges With Crazy Tricks

In Democratic-majority states across the nation, state legislators are flailing blindly to find a way around the reduced federal tax deduction for state and local taxes.

We Should Abolish The Presidency If Oprah Runs

If the both parties persist in anointing whichever media star they think will win the most votes, we may have to take a hard look at why we even have a presidents.

Without Concealed-Carry Reciprocity, Self-Defense Is A Second-Class Right

While rights like free speech are perceived as universal for all Americans, the right to keep and bear arms is idiosyncratically dismissed as a matter for local determination.

Conyers’s Abuse Of Office Proves We Need To Establish Term Limits

All of the members of Congress elected before men walked on the moon were defeated years ago or had the good sense to retire already. All but John Conyers.

In Ron Chernow’s ‘Grant,’ Ulysses S. Grant Finally Gets His Due

In his new biography ‘Grant,’ Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Ron Chernow takes a fresh look at the checkered reputation of the Civil War hero and 18th president to restore his rightful place among great American leaders.

Why It Would Be Better For Conservatives To Ditch Roy Moore

We are seeing the limits of what partisans will justify in the scandals surrounding Roy Moore, Al Franken, and John Conyers.

What The CFPB Fight Says About The DC Establishment

The result of another affair suggests how this one will end. It also tells us a great deal about the way some in Washington see their job as ruling the people, not representing them.