Kenny Xu
Kenny Xu
Kenny Xu is a senior Mathematics Major at Davidson College. He has also written for The Daily Signal and The American Conservative. You can follow his writing on race and culture on Twitter at @kennymxu and on Facebook at @thekennethxu.
Survey: The Happiest Marriages Involve The Least Premarital Sex

New evidence suggests that our culture’s laissez-faire attitudes toward premarital sex can spoil our marriages later in life.

Left To Asian-Americans: Don’t Complain About University Discrimination Or We’ll Call You White

Is American ‘white’ culture, one that ‘swallows up’ Asian identity? Progressives would like you to believe so, but it’s not the case.

If America’s ‘Aristocracy’ Works Hard To Get And Stay On Top, So Can Everyone Else

An article by The Atlantic blames the ‘9.9 percent’ for hoarding riches, and inadvertently reinforces conservative conclusions about why people succeed.

Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Is A Slap To Legal Immigrants’ Faces

Why grant illegal immigrants amnesty when so many potential legal immigrants would sacrifice everything for such an opportunity, and are already waiting in line?

De Blasio: Kick Asian-Americans Out Of Selective Schools To Give Unearned Preferences To Blacks, Hispanics

The New York City mayor’s affirmative action plan discriminates against Asian-Americans in order to unfairly privilege blacks and Hispanics.

How Legalizing Abortion Undermines The Basis For A Free Society

Ireland’s abortion legalization erodes the very foundations of human dignity upon which self-government depends.

The Media Increases School Shootings By Immortalizing The Perpetrators

School shootings remain uniquely attractive because the media gives shooters a massive platform to air their hateful views. 

China Is Guilty Of A Billion Times More Cultural Theft Than Some Kid In A Prom Dress

Our movies. Our trade secrets. Our defense technology. China has mastered the art of appropriation — to our detriment. 

Kanye West Unloads On Identity Politics As ‘Self-Victimization’ And ‘Slavery’

The controversial music star unloads on race-to-the-bottom politics, proclaims ‘self victimization is a disease.’