Kenny Xu
Kenny Xu
Kenny Xu is a junior mathematics major at Davidson College. He has also written for The American Conservative and Lone Conservative. You can follow his writing on race and culture on Twitter at @kennymxu and on Facebook at @thekennethxu.
De Blasio: Kick Asian-Americans Out Of Selective Schools To Give Unearned Preferences To Blacks, Hispanics

The New York City mayor’s affirmative action plan discriminates against Asian-Americans in order to unfairly privilege blacks and Hispanics.

How Legalizing Abortion Undermines The Basis For A Free Society

Ireland’s abortion legalization erodes the very foundations of human dignity upon which self-government depends.

The Media Increases School Shootings By Immortalizing The Perpetrators

School shootings remain uniquely attractive because the media gives shooters a massive platform to air their hateful views. 

China Is Guilty Of A Billion Times More Cultural Theft Than Some Kid In A Prom Dress

Our movies. Our trade secrets. Our defense technology. China has mastered the art of appropriation — to our detriment. 

Kanye West Unloads On Identity Politics As ‘Self-Victimization’ And ‘Slavery’

The controversial music star unloads on race-to-the-bottom politics, proclaims ‘self victimization is a disease.’