Justin McClinton
Justin McClinton
Justin McClinton was born on the south side of Chicago. He is a Morehouse Man, a Sowellian, and a lover of all things Chicago sports sans Cubs. He is also a PhD candidate in education policy and leadership studies.
Black Graduates Do Themselves And Americans No Favors By Booing Betsy DeVos

It does not matter what your opinion is of Betsy DeVos, booing her during a speech is disrespectful and intellectually lazy.

Why ‘Hell Or Highwater’ Is The Most American Film Of 2016

No movie better captures the cultural zeitgeist of the America that exists outside of the so-called bubbles than ‘Hell or Highwater,’ even though it’s from a Scotsman.

I’m A Black Voter. Here’s Why I Pulled The Lever For Trump

Because I am neither stupid nor old, I feel as though the voice of a real black man who voted for Donald Trump should be heard.