Justin Haskins
Justin Haskins
Justin Haskins is a pro-liberty writer, editor, and research fellow. You can reach him on Twitter @JustinTHaskins.
A Health Care Solution So Simple, Even Congress Could Pass It

Lost in the political drama is why health-care reform legislation is so difficult to pass in the first place and why the solution to the problem, which is exceedingly simple, is being ignored.

American Colleges Should End Racist Admissions Policies

To compensate for their racist pasts, Georgetown University and other highly regarded colleges are engaging in an entirely new form of bigotry.

Clinton’s Disturbing Connections To Racists And Tyrants Remains Unexplained

Hillary Clinton may have just accused Donald Trump of the same type of bigotry she is guilty of.

Bernie Sanders’ Socialism Makes Him Greedy King John, Not Robin Hood

Socialism never redistributes fairly because the people who run it always live off everyone else’s hard work, just like Robin Hood’s foe, King John.