Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann is executive editor of The Federalist and author of "The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids," from Encounter Books. She previously was managing editor of School Reform News at The Heartland Institute and the assistant editor for American Magazine at the American Enterprise Institute. Joy is also the 2013-14 recipient of a Robert Novak journalism fellowship for in-depth reporting on Common Core national education mandates. Joy has taught high school and middle school history, literature, and debate, and has written public speaking curriculum. She is a graduate of the Hillsdale College honors and journalism programs. She and her husband live in the Midwest and have five children ages seven and younger. Follow Joy on Twitter.
Poll: Democrats Trust Amazon But Not Religion, And Republicans Trust The Military But Not The Media

For decades polls have documented a continual slide in Americans’ confidence in public institutions, but a new one also finds the confidence diverging among political leanings.

Democrat Candidates Take Donations From Group Linked To Forcible Sterilization Campaigns

Mum’s the word from Democrat candidates who have received midterm campaign cash from an organization that used to run human sterilization clinics and whose founder fueled human rights atrocities.

No, The World Wouldn’t Be Better Off With Fewer African Children

A Gates Foundation report warning that Africans are having too many kids prefaced more pointed anti-fertility remarks this week from France’s president, Emmanuel Macron.

80 Percent Of Americans Think Political Correctness Is A National Problem

Contrary to a common media and cultural narrative, majorities of Americans of all ages, income levels, and racial backgrounds strongly oppose political correctnesss.

Hey CNN: Organized Groups Screaming At You In Public Is The Definition Of A Mob

‘Stop, stop. A mob is what we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia two Augusts ago. A mob is not what we saw chasing’ Sen. Ted Cruz, said CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

Kavanaugh Sworn In At White House: ‘I Take This Office With Gratitude And No Bitterness’

New Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh spoke of leaving behind ‘bitterness’ to take office ‘with gratitude and no bitterness.’

‘We’re Coming For You’: Illiberal Left Goes Bananas Over Kavanaugh

Republican lawmakers report an unprecedented level of aggression, violence, and threats in the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation — even higher than the aftermath of President Trump’s election.

Collins, Manchin Announce Support For Kavanaugh, Paving Way For Supreme Court Confirmation

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has the 50 votes needed to secure his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court after a brutal character assassination campaign.

12 Crazy Accusations Against Brett Kavanaugh And Their Hilarious Twitter Replies

Those trying to beat every relationship Brett Kavanaugh has ever had to death have sure come up with a lot of ways to suddenly and absurdly polarize everything he’s ever done.

Women Are Not Too Stupid Or Emotional To Bypass Evidence When Considering Assault Allegations

Women are not so morally craven that we need to punish some politically convenient scapegoat for the sins of completely different men. That’s not justice.

Why Putting Your Kids In Public Schools Is Now More Dangerous Than Ever

Polls find the majority of U.S. parents don’t want to put their kids in public schools, but most do anyway. A new book explains why they should stop, and here’s a gameplan for achieving that.

Anti-Kavanaugh Mob Chases Sen. Ted Cruz And Wife From Restaurant

A mob of people calling themselves democratic socialists, LGBT activists, anarchists, anti-fascists, and anti-racists descended upon Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife while they were out to dinner last night.

You Don’t Have To Be Ryan Fitzpatrick Or Phil Rivers To Love A Houseful Of Kids

News came out Monday that Tampa Bay quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and his wife have created baby seven, due for breath in January.

No, ‘All Unwanted Pregnancies’ Are Not Caused By The ‘Irresponsible Ejaculations Of Men’

If you are going to act like you know about human reproduction, get your freaking facts right. There’s enough false information floating out there.

Journals, Universities Deep-Six Study For Noticing Men And Women Are Different

A study exploring Darwinian reasons there are both more highly intelligent and intelligence-deficient men than women underwent a bitter suppression campaign from professors at prestigious universities.

Minnesota Employees Wrest Union Dues Back Thanks To Supreme Court Decision

Two Minnesotans will receive union dues filched without their consent thanks to a Supreme Court decision this year that said no American may be forced to pay unions as a condition of government employment.

For Sticking To The Law, Trump Title IX Regs Accused Of ‘Making Campuses Safer’ For Rape

In a first for the Trump U.S Department of Education, this rollback will also undo Clinton and Bush-era policies, to adhere more closely to the law and Supreme Court precedent, an administration official told The Federalist.

Explosive Ivy League Study Repressed For Finding Transgender Kids May Be A Social Contagion

‘Rapid-onset gender dysphoria’ may be a social contagion linked with having friends who identify as LGBT, an identity politics culture, and an increase in internet use, finds a Brown University study.

Professor Who Worked On Common Core Tests: Math Education Needs To Downplay ‘Objects, Truth, And Knowledge’

This professor who teaches K-12 teachers is planning ‘an insurgency by the people’ to use politicized ‘math education’ to subvert public institutions and American self-rule. It’s already happening.

The Left Is Actually Afraid Of Jordan Peterson Because He’s Leading A Revolt Against Their Corruption

The Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan says Jordan Peterson shows the left that ‘currently seems ascendant in our houses of culture and art, has in fact entered its decadent late phase, and it is deeply vulnerable.’