Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann
Joy Pullmann is managing editor of The Federalist and author of "The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids," out from Encounter Books this month. Get it on Amazon.She previously was managing editor of School Reform News at The Heartland Institute and the assistant editor for American Magazine at the American Enterprise Institute. Joy is also the 2013-14 recipient of a Robert Novak journalism fellowship for in-depth reporting on Common Core national education mandates.Joy has taught high school and middle school history, literature, and debate, and has written public speaking curriculum. She is a graduate of the Hillsdale College honors and journalism programs. She and her husband live in the Midwest and have four children ages five and younger. Follow Joy on Twitter.
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Sometimes we use gifts to make ourselves feel less guilty, to beat the Joneses, because we’re addicted to consuming to distract ourselves from what happens when things get quiet.

7 Ways To Take Power Plays Out Of Family Conversations Over The Holidays

Instead of trying to evangelize others to our politics, let’s give them the respect of a fair hearing. That alone can restore the relationships upon which our republic depends.

Michelle Rhee Would Be A Terrible Choice For Education Secretary

Former DC schools chancellor Michelle Rhee is definitely a celebrity. But that’s about the only way in which she would fit with a Donald Trump administration as education secretary.

Sending Menstrual Blood To Mike Pence Is A Stupid Protest That Hurts Women

What these women don’t know is that their yucky form of protest not only makes them look stupid, but mean.

It’s Not Airbnb’s Job To Check Me For Bigotry

In a supremely arrogant act of needless virtue-signaling, the short-term-rental website has banned people with religiously or scientifically informed views about human sexuality.

A Forgettable Indiana Jones Update, Tom Hanks’ ‘Inferno’ Thankfully Eschews Propaganda

‘Inferno’s’ pace and lack of development for what could be deeper subject matter means eliminating the possibility that Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series can endure.

As ‘The Highest-Regulated Race In The World,’ Native Americans Suffer Horrors

After reading Naomi Riley’s ‘The New Trail of Tears,’ one wonders: How many more American Indians have to be beaten, raped, and burned before we are ready to talk about why?

If Parents Won’t Limit Kids’ Screen Use, Schools Should

‘High-tech schools’ are the last thing kids and society need, especially when parents are letting their kiddos gorge themselves on wasteful, even destructive screen-based entertainment.

Italian Newspaper: ISIS Trading Antiquities For Russian Weapons From Mafia

Italian mobsters appear to be trading weapons from Russian criminals to ISIS in exchange for antiquities looted from Syria and Lebanon. This contradicts ISIS’s pretense of religious purity.

NAACP Tells Black Parents To Keep Their Kids In Crappy Schools As Leverage For Tax Hikes

If they cared about black kids’ futures, the NAACP would be begging more charter schools to open as fast as possible, not demanding the opposite.

Meet The Americans Revitalizing Freedom, One Child At A Time

Americans are losing their capacity for self-government. These patriots are doing something about it: opening excellent, America-affirming public schools.

If You Regret Having A Child, Don’t Blame The Child — Get Help

The ladies’ mag Marie Claire has published an article about a ‘growing movement’ of mothers who wish their babies had never been born. These women need help, not child erasers.

Feminist PhD Candidate: Science Is Sexist Because It’s Not Subjective

Women and minorities cannot understand logic or objective truths, says a graduate student in her dissertation, so science classes should stop using the scientific method.

Black Leaders Rip NAACP, Black Lives Matter For Opposing School Choice

Former Black Lives Matter St. Paul leader Rashid Turner says ‘the Black Lives Matter movement has been co-opted. It’s been hijacked by others’ into a movement that opposes things that help black kids.

Democrats Debate Preschool: Should It Be Fascist Or Socialist?

Federal funding for preschool is a 1950s answer to 2016’s needs. That means it will create more problems than it solves.

Why You Can Expect To See More Violence In Schools This Year

Federal race quotas for school discipline and militarization of school security combined with toxic culture means we will likely see more violence inside America’s schools—unless we break the cycle.

12 Reasons Science Shows Conservative Women Have The Best Sex

BuzzFeed reports on a new study of 19,000 people in five European countries that found ‘very right-wing’ people are the most satisfied with their sex lives. Oh, we know.

Even Women With Headphones May Want A Man To Chase Them

Back off, uptight whiners, and stop making public and romantic life so much less fun for everyone. Some ladies like a good chase.

Why Does John Oliver Want To Trap Poor Kids In Failing Schools?

John Oliver’s most recent show repeated union talking points that parents across the political spectrum have realized are lies that consign millions of kids to a piss-poor education.

What Do American Schools Teach About Islam? PC Or Nothing

As militant Islam becomes more prominent in world affairs, it becomes less prominent in American classrooms.