Josh Herring
Josh Herring
Josh Herring
Josh Herring is a humanities instructor at Thales Academy, a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Hillsdale College, and a doctoral student in Faulkner University's Great Books program. He has written for Moral Apologetics, The Imaginative Conservative, Think Christian, and The Federalist; he loves studying the intersection of history, literature, theology, and ideas expressed in the complexities of human life.
How Our Classical School Responded To The Left’s Takeover Of Debate

There’s wildly anti-conservative bias in high school debate leagues. So we built our own more objective competition that can better serve students.

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No, A Classical Education Is Not Impossible To Revive In America’s Degenerate Society

The education luminary David Hicks has written that a classical education is impossible because American society is too far gone. That view smacks of despair—which, bluntly, is a sin.

Frank Underwood Is Too Weak To Sustain Another Season Of ‘House Of Cards’

As with all simple infatuations, my love for Frank Underwood has smoldered, doused by the ennui that marks season five. Kevin Spacey has no room to further develop the character.

Faust May Hold The Key To Understanding ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

Goethe’s ‘Faust’ presented the archetypal story of perverse, starved boredom long before ‘Fifty Shades,’ and it portrays a far truer reality.